Congratulations to LT Tanesha Green-Baker – 2020 Blacks In Government (BIG) Meritorious Service Award Recipient

LT Tanesha Green-BakerNNOA is extremely proud of our very own, LT Tanesha Green-Baker, the Coast Guard’s recipient of the 2020 Blacks in Government (BIG) Meritorious Service Award. She continues to distinguished herself as a leader of diversity and inclusion initiatives across the sea services, including her role as the Chair of our JO Advisory Panel.

While balancing her demanding primary duties as a strategic intelligence analyst at the Intelligence Coordination Center (ICC), Washington, D.C, she spearheaded several outreach events including two College Student Pre-Commissioning Initiative (CSPI) recruitment engagements at recognized Historically Black Colleges and Universities. During these events, she promoted Coast Guard career opportunities to a diverse audience of more than 500 current and prospective college students. Serving as a White House Social Aide at 17 high visibility Presidential events, she represented the Coast Guard, positively engaging with more than 6,000 guests and senior government leaders. In addition to her primary duties at ICC, LT Green-Baker volunteered to chair her unit’s Leadership & Diversity Advisory Council; in this capacity, she led monthly leadership conferences and discussed climate concerns with senior leaders. LT Green-Baker was also recognized with the 2019 National Naval Officers Association (NNOA) Distinguished Service Award for her numerous contributions and exceptional performance.

She will be officially recognized during the BIG Virtual Military Meritorious Service Award Ceremony on Wednesday, September 9, 2020.

NNOA NPP Scholarship Award Winner

NNOA NPP Scholarship Award Winner

Mr. Grant Lewis, a native of Buhl, AL, has been selected to receive the 2020 National Naval Officers Association (NNOA) NROTC Preparatory Program Scholarship.  His award was presented during the 48th Annual NNOA Symposium.

Grant Lewis

Cadet Grant Lewis

Mr. Lewis proved more than deserving of this award.  He meticulously maintained a GPA of 4.02 while participating in over a dozen extra-curricular and community services activities.  As a Cadet at Marion Military Institute (MMI), Grant displays a level of leadership that is well beyond his peers.  Upon graduation from MMI, the United States Navy will reserve a NROTC scholarship to support his continued college experience towards a commission.  Grant desires to attend San Diego State University.

The mission of the NROTC Preparatory Programs (NPP) Office is to expand NROTC opportunities to produce a more capable and representative Naval and Marine Officer Corps.  NROTC Preparatory Scholarship Reservations (NPSR) supports that mission by partnering with educational institutions to enhance underserved or disadvantaged scholarship applicants’ moral, mental, and physical foundations to prepare them for success in the NROTC program.

Under the NPSR program, interested high school students may apply for a one-year university or privately funded scholarships to support room, board and tuition while enrolled in a university NROTC preparatory program.  University NROTC Prep programs are designed to improve midshipman candidates’ academic and life skills to prepare for the rigorous NROTC academic program.  This expanded relationship between the Navy and the schools that host preparatory programs offers a performance-based pathway for midshipman candidates to earn NROTC scholarships.


Cadet Grant Lewis

Ray Lewis, father; Cadet Grant Lewis, scholarship recipient; COL David J. Mollahan, USMC (Ret), MMI President; COL Ed Passmore, USA (Ret), MMI Senior V.P.

Call To Action: Race In The Marine Corps: Let’s Have The Discussion

Call To Action: Race In The Marine Corps: Let’s Have The Discussion

Posted on September 11,2020

by Col Christopher Woodbridge, USMC(Ret)

Recent highly publicized incidents of apparent and alleged police brutality against African Americans and the equally publicized and politicized global responses ranging from organized marches, peaceful protests, and civil disobedience to violent riots, looting and revenge-based lawlessness have once again laid bare a flaw lying beneath the veneer of American civil society. Actual and perceived racial injustice are a lingering weakness that touches the entire nation and can even touch the Corps as a reflection of that nation’s society.

Discussion Articles

Why You Should Love Diversity

Why You Should Love Diversity

It’s been said that the race is long; but in the end, it’s only with your self.

Indeed, the greatest challenges are fought, won, and lost within. Yet most companies believe the biggest challenges are to be waged against competitors.

Without a doubt, to be the best competitor, today’s organizations must proactively seek a broad range of perspectives, outlooks, evaluations, and proposed solutions from within. Indeed, “diversity” is not only a great buzzword; it’s also a foundational strength of the world’s most successful corporations.

How else can we investigate potentially blockbuster alternatives if we can’t bring ourselves to appreciate the perspective of the proverbial devil’s advocate? Why wouldn’t the boss want to (at least) hear a broad spectrum of ideas and possible courses of action before selecting the one plan that presupposes a path toward success? Why not open the door to receiving multiple approaches to the achievement of stated goals and mission accomplishment?

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