49th Annual

NNOA Symposium

VIRTUAL EVENT  |  AUGUST 17 – 20, 2021

Kickoff Event – August 16

leadership, professional development & training symposium

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Join us for service specific event days where leaders from our Sea Services share professional leadership advice.

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Networking with Sea Service Leaders

Professional Career Advice

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Welcoming all of the Sea Services to the NNOA Symposium.



Coast Guard




Welcome Shipmates and Friends to the 49th Annual NNOA Leadership, Professional Development and Training Symposium.

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Welcome Shipmates and Friends to the 49th Annual NNOA Leadership, Professional Development and Training Symposium.

Our theme for this year is “Operationalizing Diversity & Inclusion: An Imperative for Sustaining Readiness”. The members of NNOA have been leading the charge across all the Sea Services – Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, MARAD, NOAA, USPHS – by leading in both policy and action. It has become ever more clear that to keep our military as prepared for the complexities of the geo-strategic and war-fighting environment, America needs contributions from across our nation. These contributions can best be lived out through a more equitable and inclusive system for all men and women in uniform. For nearly 50 years, this has been the focus of the NNOA. Continued progress requires relentless dedication to improving ourselves through education, training, mentorship, coaching, advocacy, and inspiration. Our annual symposiums have delivered this and more over the decades, and this year is no exception. You will hear and have a chance to engage with senior leaders across the Sea Services. There will be opportunity to share and collaborate with each other. And, you will take away ideas, concepts, lessons and thoughts that will aide you in your endeavors.

To all first-time attendees, a special welcome to our symposium. I pray you will be as blessed as I have been over the years by the network that NNOA has helped me establish.

To our Junior Officers and Senior Officers, I thank you for taking time to meet with us and I look forward to your ideas for how to make NNOA more responsive to your needs. We have done a lot to improve our organization, but we can always do better.

To our Veterans and Retirees, I thank you for continuing to lead and engage. You represent the stability that is so critical to our organization and the wisdom that comes with having passed through a career of service.

A special thanks goes out to our NNOA Board of Directors and Committee Chairs. You all have been incredibly generous in your devotion of time, talent and skill in leading our NNOA to new heights. I am greatly honored to serve beside you.

Finally, I ask you to take time to fill out the Symposium Survey. You will receive an email with the link to complete this short but important questionnaire. This is vitally important to continuous improvement of this annual event. And, it is even more vital as we quickly approach our 50th Anniversary in July 2022.

Thank you for attending.

Very respectfully,
Sinclair M. Harris
President, NNOA

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NNOA Individual Awards and Chapter Awards showcase the outstanding accomplishments of our members and chapters. Nominate an outstanding NNOA member or submit your chapter accomplishments for one of the NNOA awards!



Admiral Karl Schultz

Admiral Karl Schultz

Commandant of the Coast Guard, USN

Admiral Linda L. Fagan

Admiral Linda L. Fagan

Vice Commandant, USN

LtGen David H. Berger

LtGen David H. Berger

Commanding General, Marine Corps Combat Development Command / Deputy Commandant for Combat Development and Integration, USMC

Lieutenant General Eric M. Smith

Lieutenant General Eric M. Smith


Alaleh Jenkins

Alaleh Jenkins

Performing the Duties of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, USN

Vice Admiral John Fuller

Vice Admiral John Fuller

Naval Inspector General, USN

Rear Admiral Alvin Holsey

Rear Admiral Alvin Holsey

Commander, Navy Personnel Command/Deputy Chief of Naval Personnel, USN


Contact Service Reps for your respective service registration. (Quantities limited.)

Networking - Meet-n-Greet

August 16, 2021

Join us for an hour of networking to kickoff our 49th Annual Symposium.

Navy Day

August 17, 2021
10 AM – 5:30 PM EST

Ms. Alaleh Jenkins
VADM John Fuller
Dr. Charles Barber

Marine Corps Day

August 18, 2021
10 AM – 5 PM EST

Gen. David Berger
LtGen Eric Smith

Coast Guard Day

August 19, 2021
10 AM – 5 PM EST

ADM Karl Schultz
Dr. Derek Greenfield

JO Discussions

August 20, 2021
9 AM –  2 PM EST

RADM Gregory Todd
Ms. Tara McArthur
RADM Alvin Holsey

NNOA BoD All Hands Meeting

August 21, 2021
12 PM – 2 PM EST


Save the Date for 2022

50th Annual NNOA Symposium

July 25 – 28, 2022
at the Westin Annapolis Hotel


Let us know your news and we’ll announce it. In-Memoriam, retirements, promotions, chapter events…





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