History of NNOA

NNOA is an organization composed of active duty, reserve and retired officers, midshipmen and cadets, and interested civilians. NNOA is comprised of members of all ranks and ethnic groups and supports the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in recruiting, developing, and retaining a diverse Officer Corps that is representative of the best our nation has to offer. 

NNOA had its beginnings in 1970, when LT Kenneth H. Johnson, while serving as Advisor for minority Affairs at the U. S. Naval Academy, sought methods to improve minority interest in recruitment efforts and participation in the Naval Academy Blue and Gold Program. In 1971, faced with finding qualified naval officer candidates from minority communities, CAPT Emerson Emory, CAPT Claude Williams, CDR Emmanuel Jenkins, CWO James Harris and LT Johnson began to discuss forming an organization to assist minority officer recruitment. It was noted that fewer than 100 officers of every known minority group could be identified and less than 50 of these were African American.

In 1972, an organizational meeting was held at the Hilton Inn in Annapolis, Maryland and NNOA was founded. The objectives of the Association were adopted and subsequently annual meetings during the month of July ensued. The Superintendent of the Naval Academy gave his full support to NNOA, and that support is still present today. CAPT Emerson Emory was elected the first President of NNOA. The first annual meeting was held in San Diego, CA in 1973. Rear Admiral Charles Rauch, Assistant Chief of Naval Personnel for Human Goals and Mr. John Borroughs, Special Assistant for Equal Opportunity to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy were the principal guests. The first chartered chapter was the Annapolis, Maryland Chapter.

The National Naval Officers Association has local chapters spread throughout the US and Far East.  They work daily to carry out the organization’s mission in support of the Sea Services. The National Naval Officers Association’s Professional Development and Training Conference, held annually, includes many hours of educational and professional development workshops, seminars, and exhibits designed to enhance the professional knowledge of attendees while providing mentoring and networking opportunities that will significantly impact their careers going forward.   The National Naval Officers Association presents awards annually at the annual conference to recognize and acknowledge Chapter and individual efforts in accomplishing the mission and goals of the Association.

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