2 Days. 27 Sessions.  238 Attendees.  336 STEM Students.

NNOA: Developing Leaders Through Education, Experience and Personal Development

Dear NNOA Members and Symposium Attendees,

Thank you to everyone who planned, executed and attended the 2017 NNOA Professional Development and Training Symposium.

The feedback has been positive. All in attendance added tools to their professional tool box. If you missed it this year, make plans now for next year. We plan to announce the location of the 2018 symposium by the end of September. Stay tuned.

Now that the symposium is over, I encourage you to click through the tabs to read some of the briefs that were presented, as well as view the results of our survey, the Board of Directors election and photos from the event.

Finally, I invite you to support a Chapter. Please consider affiliating with your nearest Chapter. Remember, “together we can achieve the extraordinary” in our efforts to recruit, develop and retain a diverse Officer Corps in the Sea Services that is representative of the best our Nation has to offer.

Yours in Service,

Denise J. McCallaCreary, CDR, USN, RET

We offer a special thanks to the 2017 NNOA Symposium host chapter – NNOA San Diego Chapter.  The support of Chapter President LT Wilbert C. Dixon, III, USN provided a welcoming experience for all who reside near San Diego and many who traveled to attend the 2017 NNOA Symposium.  His coordination, networking and logistics support created the very foundation NNOA relies upon to deliver the engaging, informative, and educational symposium of this magnitude.  We were proud to award LT Dixon with the San Diego NNOA Symposium Planning Award and the Outstanding Chapter Website Award.

Full Bio

Website:  https://www.sdnnoa.org/

2017 BoD Election Results

2017 Amendment Results

AMENDMENT PROPOSAL:  In order to allow the Okinawa Chapter to align under NNOA’s Western Region and the Western Regional Vice President, and in order to streamline NNOA’s national activities, remove the Far Eastern Regional Vice President position.

DISCUSSION: The NNOA bylaws require that “at least one hundred (100) electronic votes must be cast to pass measures.” During the open voting period from July 20-27, at the 2017 NNOA Symposium, only seventy-two (72) votes were cast related to this proposed amendment. The one hundred (100) electronic votes threshold was not met.

RESULT: In light of not obtaining the required one hundred (100) electronic votes during the voting period, the proposed amendment will not pass at this time. 

2017 Awards

Congratulations to all of our award winners!

  • Lifetime Achievement Award – LCDR Beulah Henderson, USN (Ret)
  • Dorie Miller Award – LCDR Stephen Willams, USN (Ret)
  • Golden Pen – LT Alana Abernethy, USN
  • CAPT Sallee P Kafer Mentoring – LCDR Desmond Walker, USN
  • Outstanding Chapter President – LCDR Paul Nix, USN (Ret)
  • Individual Membership Recruiting – Capt Derrick Oliver, USMC
  • CAPT Charlie Tompkins Service Award – LT Darnell Harris, USN
  • LT General Frank Petersen Service Award – Major Natasha Everly, USMC
  • CAPT Edward R Williams Service Award – LT Harold Piper, USCG
  • CAPT John G. Witherspoon for Excellence in Leadership and Mentoring Award – Colonel Christopher Shaw, USMC

Distinguished Service

  • LCDR Herlena Washington USN (Ret), Jacksonville
  • CDR Lenard Mitchell USN, Jacksonville
  • LCDR Patricia Gill USN (Ret), Jacksonville
  • LCDR Dustin Williams USCG, San Francisco Bay Area
  • Maj. D’Emanuel Grosse USAF (Ret), San Francisco Bay Area
  • LCDR James Haskins USN (Ret), San Francisco Bay Area
  • LTJG Herman Green USCG, Tidewater
  • LT DeNealia Cunningham-Peterson USN, Tidewater
  • CAPT Thomas Abernethy USN (Ret), Washington, D.C.
  • Capt Valonne Ehrhardt USMC, Quantico
  • LtCol David Everly USMC, Quantico
  • LtCol Doug Lemott Jr. USMC, Quantico

Chapter Awards

  • Outstanding Chapter Newsletter – No qualified submissions
  • Outstanding Chapter Website – San Diego
  • Outstanding Chapter Programs – Quantico
  • Overall Outstanding Chapter (by category)
    • Small: San Francisco
    • Medium: Quantico
    • Large: Washington, DC
  • Outstanding Chapter Membership Growth (by category)
    • Small: San Francisco
    • Medium: San Diego
    • Large: Washington DC
  • New Chapter Growth (Small, Medium, Large Chapter) – No qualified chapters

Additional Awards

  • CDR Tiffanie Lawry, USN – San Diego Distinguished Support, NNOA Symposium Planning 2017
  • LT Wilbert Dixon, USN – San Diego NNOA Symposium Planning
  • CAPT Michael Francis, USN (Ret) – Distinguished Support, Chair IT Committee NNOA 2017

STEM Awards – $500 Scholarships (Donations provided by NNOA and CDR Lin Walton, USN (Ret.))

  • Justine L. Link
  • Jacob Kaites

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