Thanks and Bravo Zulu to the Terrific Tidewater Chapter of NNOA for putting this event together.

It is a rare and special chance to hear from two of the three officers who rose to the highest level of our Navy.  You don’t want to miss it.

Saturday 12 June from noon to 1330 EDT.

Register by emailing:
LT Linda McMillan at
CDR Desmond Walker at

Naval Postgraduate School Important Events

Please don’t miss these important events coming from our Naval Postgraduate School.  I believe that understanding the Future Force and Intelligent Autonomous Systems is essential for all members of the Sea Services.  Details are below.

Admirals, Generals, and Senior Executives,

I am emailing to invite you to two virtual events co-sponsored by the Naval Postgraduate School’s Center for Executive Education and Naval Warfare Studies Institute. These events are specifically created for senior leaders and focus on a specific emerging technology with critical warfighting implications – Intelligent Autonomous Systems.

Intelligent Autonomous Systems, including robots and drones, will be an ever-increasing site on battlefields of the 21st century.  If attacks like the one on Saudi Arabia’s Abqaiq and Khurais oil facilities in 2020 served as a wake-up call regarding the potential strategic effects of IAS in a limited surprise attack, the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh conflict demonstrated what these kinds of capabilities might look like integrated into military operations during a highly-kinetic conflict.  Numerous reports state that Azerbaijani drones were “game-changing.”  Whether ISR, long-range strike (including loitering munitions), electronic warfare, EOD, logistics, or force protection, the IAS revolution is not coming – it is here.

Considering the complexity and the potentially revolutionary impact Intelligent Autonomous Systems will have on all aspects of naval readiness and warfighting and considering your critical role in guiding our services as we integrate these technologies into our concepts and exploit them via capability development, NPS would like to support you by offering two related events on IAS:
1. 25 May 2021 from 1200-1300 PDT/1500-1600 EDT : A public lecture-style presentation by the Chief of Naval Research, RADM Lorin Selby, entitled “Re-Imagining the Future Force.”  This event is a part of the Secretary of the Navy Guest Lecture (SGL) Series.  The event will feature a presentation by RADM Selby followed by extensive time for Q&A.

2. 1 Jun 2021 from 1000-1200 PDT/1300-1500 EDT : A panel discussion on IAS and the implications for the Navy and Marine Corps followed by Q&A.  The panel consists of:
• Dr. Tim Grayson (moderator) – Director of DARPA’s Strategic Technology Office
• VADM(Ret) Luke McCollum – WalMart’s Vice President for Logistics Services
• Ms. Dorothy Englehardt – Director for Unmanned Systems, DASN Ships
• Dr. Karen Myers – Director of Stanford Research Institute’s AI Center
• Dr. Phil Root – Deputy Director of DARPA’s Defense Sciences Office

The combination of these two events – the CNR’s lecture and Q&A followed by the panel and Q&A on naval use cases, concepts, and capabilities related to Intelligent Autonomous Systems – is intended to provide you a solid foundation in this emerging technology and as well as insights on its impact to future naval warfighting.  NPS and the Naval Warfare Studies Institute is excited to offer you this opportunity in support of your efforts to change our Navy and Marine Corps in ways that better adopt, adapt to, and integrate emerging technologies for combat advantage.

An RSVP is not required for event #1, the SGL – merely connect to the NPS live stream site ( at the time of the event.

An RSVP is not required for event #2, the panel discussion  – please click on the MS Teams link provided below to connect a few minutes before the event.

Microsoft Teams meeting (IAS Panel)
Click here to join the meeting

Thank you in advance for your attendance and participation.

Very respectfully,
Ms Winli McAnally
Center for Executive Education
Naval Postgraduate School

CAPT Timika Lindsay Retirement Ceremony

CAPT Timika Lindsay Retirement Ceremony

Vice Admiral Sean S. Buck
Superintendent, U.S. Naval Academy

Requests the pleasure of your company at a
Virtual Retirement Ceremony in honor of

Captain Timika B. Lindsay, United States Navy

Tuesday, the Eighteenth of May
Two thousand and twenty-one
eleven o’ clock in the morning (EDT)

To view, please connect via YouTube ten minutes prior to the start of the event at
Captain Lindsay would also like you to sign her Kudoboard at

POC: Mrs. Shannon Murray, USNA ’92
(512) 914-7972
Olmstead Project Webinar – Higher Learning: Creating Global Thinkers

Olmstead Project Webinar – Higher Learning: Creating Global Thinkers

Join us for a candid discussion regarding the significance of higher learning in developing future leaders and the impact and contributions of Olmsted Scholars.

May 19, 2021, 1730pst / 2030est

James (Jamie) G. Foggo, ADM, USN, Ret
Director Olmsted Foundation Scholar Class ‘87

James (Jamie) G. Foggo – Olmsted Foundation

VADM Manson Brown, USCG (Ret.) on Mission Readiness

VADM Manson Brown, USCG (Ret.) on Mission Readiness

Featured on

On this week’s episode, retired U.S. Coast Guard Vice Admiral Manson Brown speaks with Mission: Readiness Membership Director Jake Ferreira about his distinguished career in public service. Just in time for National Bike to School Day, Admiral Brown also discusses his love for cycling and bike ride across America.

To learn more about National Bike to School Day and Admiral Brown’s love of cycling, you read more on our blog by clicking here.