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CDR Ernie Taylor, USN (Ret)

Greetings and salutations to my NNOA shipmates! First, Thank You, for stopping on this page to check things out. Second, I’m introducing myself to some and reacquainting myself to others as the 2017-18 Veteran’s Representative on your NNOA Board of Directors. I’m Ernie Taylor, CDR, USN (Ret) and I am happy to be here and serve as your representative. As a Life Member, I have been in and around our organization for over 37 years serving at the national level as ERVP, Retiree/Reserve Rep as well as numerous leadership positions at the local level. To me, NNOA is family, and I’m excited to be back in a role that I can help strengthen and move our family members forward into the next millennium and beyond.

While our organizational mission and goals haven’t changed much over the years, our strategizes and methods to achieve them must be flexible, dynamic, diverse and forward thinking if we are to continue to be successful. As a young JO, I often wondered, what can I do to be successful? How can NNOA be successful? What can I do that benefits both to that end? Having been retired for 20 years now, I find those same questions relevant.

Over the years though, a few things have changed. In 1980, I’m willing to bet, almost every Black officer could name every Black Flag or General officer in their respective sea service and possibly every 0-6 in their warfighting community. Not true today, and that’s a good thing. I say, some of NNOA successes. While NNOA still provides the opportunity for JO’s to interact with senior leadership (minority and non-minority), I personally think NNOA can be the “brain-trust” of minority sea service officers…and here is where YOU come in.

Every service member doesn’t stay until retirement, but when you do separate, you are a Veteran. Hence the name change from Retiree to Veteran’s Representative. As a civilian we have opportunities and options to help the organization and it’s members, that active duty service members don’t. From being able to actively fund raise to being in management positions in corporate America. We are NNOA’s grandparents if you will. We can provide the assistance that supports and strengthens the organization because of our experience, wealth of knowledge and civilian status. If you’re still with me at this point in the article you know I’m preaching to the choir… Soooo let’s go and get more choir members and put a few the pews also! I will be working with local chapters but I need you to actively talk to your shipmates and make an effort to contact your local chapter or me, as we move forward for this year.


Let us know your news and we’ll announce it. In-Memoriam, retirements, promotions, chapter events…





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