Veterans Corner

CDR Ernie Taylor, USN (Ret)

Hello Shipmates, Thanks for checking out the NNOA website, but more importantly, YOU clicking through to the VETERAN’s page. WELCOME!

Not everyone stays in our service branch until retirement, but at some point in time, we will separate from the service. When that day happens we become a Veteran. This page… this section, is for YOU!  From just thinking about leaving, to preparing for transition, to beginning the job search or just to research what benefits and services are available for you and your family, we’re here for you. What are some of our shipmates doing since they have changed their employer, what did they do and what challenges did they encounter? I’m sure these are just a few of the thoughts that cross your mind as you prepare for that day. I remember when a potential employer asked me for my social security card. I knew my number, but I hadn’t seen my card since my first job in high school. Believe it or not, in the military, we are living in a very closed and protected portion of society. Living on base, we are living in the very first “gated communities”, well before they became popular and we pay big money to live there now.

In addition to making this page a “go to, one stop” place for help from the thought of transitioning to life after our service, we also would like it to be a news source and bulletin board of what’s going on in civilian, private and government sectors. This is going to take a little… ok, a lot of help, from you! Please take the time to let us know what experiences you have had… good and bad. Lessons learned from you, opportunities that are available in your organization, or even needs and leads in our communities that can and will benefit from our leadership and management experience… and of course how we can make this site better. If NNOA can have an impact on the lives and careers of our Sea Service members on active duty and reserves, why can’t NNOA do the same when we take off our uniform.  With your help we can continue to move NNOA forward into the next millennium and broaden our sphere of influence.

If you haven’t, now is a great time to renew your membership and enthusiasm with NNOA. Reach out and connect with a local chapter.  If one’s not close contact me, your Veteran’s Rep.


Let us know your news and we’ll announce it. In-Memoriam, retirements, promotions, chapter events…





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