NNOA Strategic Framework


To support the Sea Services in strengthening a diverse senior officer corps to enhance operational readiness.


To enhance Sea Service operational readiness by supporting recruiting, professional development, and retention in an effort to achieve a diverse officer corps that reflects the demographics of our Nation 

Guiding Principles

We are:

  • A professional organization comprised of active duty, reserve, retired officers, and civilians that seek diversity and inclusive membership  

  • Entrusted to treat everyone with dignity and respect

  • Committed to honest, effective, and open communication  

  • The benchmark for supporting diversity in the Sea Services

We will:

  • Foster an innovative, professional and collaborative environment that supports the Sea Services’ ability to attract and retain a diverse officer corps  

  • Remain the benchmark for supporting and influencing diversity and inclusion efforts in the Sea Services

  • Provide professional development and mentorship opportunities to optimize potential and individual performance

  • Partner with professional organizations and community influencers to attract diverse talent in support of Sea Service recruiting efforts