2018 NNOA Symposium

Thank you for participating this year.  We will see you next year.  If you were unable to attend, please enjoy our recap.

Opening Session

August 8, 2018, we welcomed over 250 attendees to the 46th Annual NNOA Symposium.


Attendees participated in Life skills sessions, JO Networking, Mid-Grade Officers Seminar, Career Counseling and Speed Mentoring

STEM Events

Local middle and high school students toured the USCG Portsmouth Base and learned more about STEM opportunities in the military.

Guest Speakers

An elite group of senior officers attended and participated as speakers throughout our 2-day symposium.

Welcoming the 2018-2020 NNOA President



STEM Attendees

RADM Sinclair Harris, USN (Ret.)

I am honored to serve as the 2018-2020 NNOA President. I will: 1. Represent and serve NNOA to the best of my abilities. 2. Reach out to leadership in the Sea Services, MARAD, NOAA and PHS to seek new ways to improve NNOA’s relationship and relevance. 3. Work with like-minded organizations (e.g., Fraternities, Sororities, Navy League, Marine Corps League, ANSO, SSLA, etc.) to improve diversity in the Sea Services, MARAD, NOAA and PHS. Going forward, I will focus on: – Chapter Engagement – Membership Growth – Symposium 2019 – Complete Strategic Review

Symposium Photos 2018

Opening Joint Sessions

We welcomed the CNO Admiral John M. Richardson to kickoff the 46th Annual NNOA Symposium.

Key Speakers / Attendees

Senior leaders from the Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and SES attended the 2018 NNOA Symposium.

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JO/SO Networking & Mid Grade Officers Seminar

Junior and Senior officers networked in a relaxing environment while mid-grade officers attended the 2018 National Defense Strategy (NDS) Seminar led by Dr. Mary Bell, war college professor!

Life Skills Seminar

Financial tips and retirement information to help junior officers to retired officers improve financial status.

Speed Mentoring

JO's participated in speed mentoring sessions to gather valuable career information and connect with Senior Officers.

Career Counseling

Junior Officers met with Senior Officers for one-on-one career counseling sessions and discussed advancement strategies.

STEM Event

Middle and high school students were treated to an exciting tour of the USCG Portsmouth Base!

Awards Banquet

NNOA held an awards banquet to honor the dedicated individuals and teams that work so hard to promote and enrich NNOA.

We are driven to make a difference in the careers and lives of our sea service professionals.  Each year we, along with enthusiastic volunteers, work tirelessly to provide a comprehensive symposium filled with seminars, networking events, planning sessions and mentoring.  After 46 years, we have countless success stories of young junior officers who were inspired by leaders at previous annual symposiums.

46 Years and Counting

Election Results & Awards

Voting Results
President – RADM Sinclair Harris
Exec VP – CAPT Pamela Theorgood
Chaplain – LT Takana Jefferson
Historian – CAPT Roosevelt Wright
Membership Director – LtCol Jason Davis
Western Region – CDR Rod Rojas
Coast Guard Affiliate – CDR Shameen Anthanio-Williams
Amendment Results
YES – Remove Far Eastern Region
YES – Establish a NNOA Events Director
Award Recipients

Individual Awards

  • Dorie Miller Award – LCDR Desmond Walker, U.S. Navy – Washington, DC
  • Golden Pen – Captain Damali Brimm, U.S. Marine Corps – Camp Pendleton/Miramar
  • Outstanding Chapter President – LtCol Michael Armstead, U.S. Marine Corps – Camp Lejeune/Cherry Point
  • LT General Frank Petersen Service Award – Captain Marie Banks, U.S. Marine Corps – Okinawa

Distinguished Service

  • Marie Banks – Captain, USMC – Okinawa
  • Zerbin Singleton – Captain, USMC – Camp Pendleton – Miramar
  • Paul Nix – LCDR (Ret), USN -Jacksonville, FL
  • Sandy Pollard – CAPT (Ret), USN – Tidewater
  • Lee Stenson – LCDR, USCG – Tidewater
  • Sara Daniels-Jacobs – LT, USCG – Tidewater
  • Nakeshia Carter – LT, USN – Tidewater
  • Patricia Gill – LCDR (Ret), USN – Jacksonville, FL
  • Herlena Washington – LCDR (Ret), USN – Jacksonville, FL

Chapter Awards

  • Outstanding Chapter Newsletter – Washington, D.C
  • Outstanding Chapter Programs – Washington, D.C.
  • Overall Outstanding Chapter (by category)
    • Small: Camp Lejeune / Cherry Point, NC
    • Medium: Camp Pendleton / Miramar
    • Large: Washington, D.C.
  • Outstanding Chapter Membership Growth (by category)
    • Small:  Camp Lejeune/Cherry Point
    • Medium: Quantico
    • Large: Annapolis

Additional Awards

  • LCDR Stacey O’Neal – At Large – ERVP – Distinguished Support – NNOA Symposium Planning – 2018
  • CDR Carlton McClain – Tidewater – Distinguished Support – NNOA Symposium Planning – 2018
  • LCDR Lee Stenson – Tidewater – Distinguished Support – NNOA Symposium Planning – 2018

After Action Report Templates

Marines After Action Report Template
Coast Guard After Action Report Template