The Elevation of Women in the Military


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One of my business colleagues, Ed Rule (President and CEO of Naval Systems, Inc. and retired Supply Corps Officer) shared his March Newsletter with me and I wanted to share it with NNOA.  In it, Ed highlights a few of the women role models we have been blessed with in our military.

The elevation of women in our military is clearly the most important change that I can recall in my 34 years of service.  It has made our military far more resilient, intelligent and ready.  The women highlighted in this newsletter are just a few examples of inspirational leadership in our military.

I hope all of the NNOA members will share their stories this Women’s History Month.

RADM Sinclair Harris, USN (Ret)
President NNOA

2022 USNA Alumni Leadership Forum

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2022 USNA Alumni Leadership Forum
April 29-30, 2022, Alumni Hall, Annapolis, MD

Forum Theme: “Leading in a Diverse and Complex Environment”

Purpose: To provide a continuous learning experience in sharpening leadership skills. Encourage career development and camaraderie, in keeping with the highest traditions, of the naval service and to provide financial support to USNA Admissions Programs.

Events:  Break Out Sessions, Midshipmen, Junior Officer, & Flag Officer Discussions, Industry & Career Panel, Entertainment, Gala Dinner

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Julius S. Caesar RADM USN (Ret.)

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Farewall – LtCol Larry Hicks, USA

Farewall – LtCol Larry Hicks, USA

Dear NNOA Family,

It is with great sadness that I announce the sudden and unexpected passing of LTCol Larry Hicks, USA on 26 February 2022. Colonel Hicks was the husband of Captain Lynne Hicks, USN

Burial at Arlington Cemetery to be determined at a later date.

Larry Hicks Obituary (2022) – Fairfax, DC – The Washington Post

NNOA Scholarships & Recognitions Open

NNOA Scholarships & Recognitions Open

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NNOA NROTC Preparatory Program (NPP) Scholarship

Description: Awarded to student(s) who are accepted or attending Marion Military Institute, and will attend an NPP-designated school after completion of required course work. NPP partners with educational institutions (i.e., Marion Military Institute) to support prospective NROTC Midshipmen in developing a strong mental and physical foundation to prepare them for success in the NROTC program. Marion Military Institute is the nation’s oldest military junior college.

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NNOA RDML (Ret.) Mack Gaston, USN Scholarship

Description: Awarded to HBCU affiliated College Program student(s) (non-scholarship NROTC student) pursuing STEM degree(s). The scholarship is in honor of RDML Mack Gaston who commanded three ships (2 destroyers and a cruiser), Defense Nuclear Agency, and Naval Training Center Great Lakes in his 31-year naval career.

Award: 1 scholarship – $1,000 (Tuskegee University) and 2 scholarships – $750 (all other HBCUs)

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NNOA Dr. Olivia Hooker STEM Scholarship

Description: Awarded to the enlisted sea service member(s) accepted or attending a Minority Serving Institution, and will pursue or are pursuing STEM degree(s). The scholarship is in honor of Dr. Olivia Hooker who became the first African American woman to serve in the U.S. Coast Guard when she enlisted in the Coast Guard’s Semper Paratus Always Ready (SPAR) program in 1945.

Award: 2 scholarships – $500

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NNOA VADM Samuel L. Gravely, Jr., USN (NJROTC) Award

Description: Award is in honor of VADM Samuel Gravely, Jr. who was the first African American to achieve flag rank in the U.S. Navy and to command a U.S. Numbered Fleet.

Award: One (1) per school per academic year – certificate and NJROTC service ribbon

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NNOA Logo Contest

NNOA Logo Contest


The National Naval Officers Association (NNOA) is inviting members and non-members to participate in a NNOA Logo Contest.  The winning Artist will be awarded a Lifetime Membership and one 2022 Symposium registration to participate in all the events July 26-29 at our 50th Anniversary Symposium, in Annapolis, Maryland.

As we celebrate 50 years past and begin a new decade, our logo should represent NNOA’s objectives of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our sea services, and that we are “stronger together”.  If you think that our current logo still represents.

The deadline to submit entries is March 5, 2022. Logo submissions will be posted online at March 7-15, 2022, for voting. The winning logo will be revealed on our Facebook page March 19, 2022.


  • Proposed designs should:
    • Work well both horizontally and vertically
    • Look as good on a large banner as on a bookmark
    • Capture the spirit of NNOA
    • Include the name “NNOA” or “National Naval Officers Association” somewhere in the design
    • Designs with two to five colors that also look good in black and white are ideal



  • November 1 – Competition Launch / Registration opens
  • March 5 – Deadline for submission Due by Midnight PST
  • March 7-15 – eVoting at
  • March 19 – Winner Announced