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LT Brandon Carter, USN
Welcome to the Monterey Chapter of the NNOA.


Grateful! Although times have been and are currently challenging in many aspects of our lives, take some time and energy to be grateful for what you do have. NNOA in Monterey provides a unique opportunity to engage and network with a large and closely connected population of officers representing all Sea Services, Army, Air Force, and International Students at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) and the Presidio of Monterey. The chapter is poised to serve as the vehicle for meaningful engagement between officers across a spectrum of services, ranks, occupational specialties, and warfare communities. As we meet the demands of our specific military communities, we always aim to support and engage with the Monterey Peninsula Community the best we can!


LT Brandon Carter


We meet virtually the first Thursday of every month on Microsoft Teams. The time is 12pm-1pm (1200-1300). Please click here to request access to our Microsoft Teams channel.


National Naval Officers Association (NNOA)
Attn: Community Outreach
P.O. BOX 8694
Monterey, California 93940-8694


President: LT Brandon Carter

Vice President / Membership Coordinator:
LT Keyaira Jackson

Secretaries: Capt Brian White and LT Christina Bailo

Treasurers: LT Vanda Johnson and LTJG Dishan Romine

Public Affairs Officer: Maj Bruce Manuel

Community Outreach Coordinator: LT Christine Cole

Social Coordinator: LT Anthony Caballero

Career Development Chair: 1stLt Byron Wilson


****A Message from the Treasurer****

Happy 2021 NNOA,

I hope the holidays gave each of you time to relax and appreciate your loved ones. A new year brings new opportunity, and I hope we move through this year with intent. If nothing else, 2020 taught us that life is too short not to maximize. Let’s focus our efforts toward goals and positive relationships. We manifest our destinies.

PayPal changed their menu selections for paying dues. Please follow the new instructions below to ensure our NNOA Monterey Chapter receives a full payment of $15.00 via PayPal each month.

If NNOA is a saved option within your PayPal account,  please refrain from using that option because it does not allow our chapter to  receive the full payment despite the fact that you are paying the full price. 

  1. Sign into your PayPal / create a PayPal account
  2. Select the tab Send & Request
  3. Select the tab More
  4. Send the tab Send a gift
  5. Enter the email and click Next.
  6. Enter the dollar about of $15.00 if paying via a linked bank account, PayPal cash or PayPal Cash balance, enter $15.74 if otherwise (see note).
  7. Select a card theme and click Next
  8. Type January in the field Add a message and select Save
  9. Select your method of payment
  10. Review and select click Send Payment Now.

Our monthly dues will be used to financially support activity in our local area. They are separate from national fees (not required for participation in the Monterey NNOA chapter), which recognizes individual national membership and funds national scholarships and conferences. We ask that payments for this month be made NLT the 15th of each month.

Thank you for your financial contributions.

– Treasurer, NNOA Monterey Chapter



Monterey Chapter


Our upcoming event newsletter will feature events we have co-sponsored and participated in.  Visit often to see how engaged we are in the community!

The Monterey Chapter of the National Naval Officers Association (NNOA) planned on celebrating Women’s History Month in March 2020 prior to COVID restrictions. This year marked the Centennial Celebration of Women’s Suffrage (Ratification of the 19th Amendment). The planned event included comments from NPS President, VADM Rondeau and guest speaker Julie Packard. Ms. Packard is Executive Director and Vice Chair of the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Board of Trustees. Her biography can be viewed here.

In February 2020, the Monterey Chapter celebrated Black History Month by discussing the legacy of Robert Smalls.Monterey BHM Presentation 2020 (Robert Smalls)

In January 2020, the Monterey Chapter honored Dr. King by taking a day on, not a day off. We partnered with the Veteran’s Transition Center to conduct a food and clothing drive to support the homeless veterans and their families located on the Monterey Peninsula. Monterey MLK Jr Remembrance – A Day On

The inaugural event for the Monterey Chapter of NNOA was Speed Mentoring. The Senior Mentor for the event was the NPS President VADM Ann Rondeau, USN (ret).  More on the event can be found here: 


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Chapter Photos
Visit of NNOA President during the memorial service for CAPT Wayne Hughes.

Visit of NNOA President during the memorial service for CAPT Wayne Hughes.

The Huddle

Picture of mentors and students at The Huddle.

First meeting of NNOA members with Monterey HS students in The Huddle.

First meeting of NNOA members with Monterey HS students in The Huddle.

Initial interest meeting

Initial interest meeting to determine the goals for reestablishing the Monterey Chapter in 2019.