A Holiday Message from Commander Victor Glover

A Holiday Message from Commander Victor Glover

NNOA Shipmates,

Just wanted to share a wonderful note I received from Victor Glover. He said it was okay to share it and I thought it a heartwarming message for the holidays.

“It seems like I was just on the International Space Station sending a Christmas note to all of you. As much as I enjoyed that experience and trying to share it with you, I am very happy to be home for the holidays this year. I hope this season finds you surrounded by love and light-heartedness. However, I know this time of year is harder for some. I pray for peace and stillness for all of us, and especially those that are struggling. Above all, I want thank you and let you know how much I appreciate you. Your love and friendship are lifelong gifts!

I just finished reading Michael Collins’ book, Carrying the Fire. In the book he quotes T.S. Eliot’s poem, Little Gidding, (one of several) about perspective. I had to go read the whole poem, but his quote is still my favorite part. Enjoy and be well….

“With the drawing of this Love and the voice of this Calling

We shall not cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time.”

To Explore, Together!

Victor Glover

Organization of Black Maritime Graduates

Organization of Black Maritime Graduates

The Organization of Black Maritime Graduates (OBMG) is asking you to assist us in supporting under-represented cadets and students enrolled at SUNY Maritime College. 

The OBMG’s goal is to provide opportunities for young professionals to succeed in the maritime industry through Recruitment and Scholarships, as well as Mentoring and Networking, before and after graduation. 

Click for information about donating.

Year of the Captains & Colonels: CAPT Johnetta C. Thomas, USN

Year of the Captains & Colonels: CAPT Johnetta C. Thomas, USN

The opportunity to share my lessons is an honor. To have lessons to share is a humbling. When I started this journey twenty-four years ago, I had no idea I would still be on it. My journey as an officer is filled with challenges, rewards, doubts, growth, lessons and experiences. All of them contribute to where and who I am.

Grow into understanding

God has been unwavering in his grace and mercy over my life…my career. Growing as a leader, having more responsibility and more expectations (Luke 12:48); faith had to be my cornerstone. Leaders are constantly observed by those around them including aspiring individuals. Each decision, each act, each word says something about you as a person and a leader. The more you believe and grow in your faith, the more your patience and understanding grows. Surround yourself with positive affirmation, keep your moral compass stabilized, and exercise your beliefs to maintain balance.

Aim to achieve more

Always do your best. The Navy is a tough environment. There are times you have to work 5X harder to achieve the same results as your peers. Enjoying what you do, will make you want more, do more and achieve more. New assignment, new environment, learn fast, stay focused and confident. Continuously look for the opportunity to learn and improve. . .as a person, as a Sailor, as a leader.

Be the best you, you can be

Be confident in yourself. Recognize your ability, knowledge and experiences brought you where you are. There is not a requirement to fit in or be the same, however teamwork is key. Consistently communicate and continue to gain education.
We are all different, our minds, outlooks, and talents . . . these differences build strong teams, leaders, and accomplishments.

Help others

Be a mentor, be an example. The road was paved but every day there are new trails being blazed. People learn and observe from everyone one around them. These experiences enable them to paint the picture of their future. . .their goals. People often seek out someone with something in common; career paths, life experiences, personality, etc. Be a positive influence. Share your experiences and knowledge. At some point, your representation is no longer about you but those that you encounter and see an opportunity for themselves.

Explore every opportunity.
This speaks for itself.

In all those lessons, this quote by Maya Angelou sums it up my outlook the best, “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”


Captain Thomas is the Chief of Staff at Office of Special Projects in Washington, DC.  She is from Riviera Beach, Florida and a graduate of the University of West Florida in Pensacola earning a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting.  She was commissioned in November 1997 through the Officer Candidate School Program.  She earned a Masters of Business Administration from Troy University in 2008 and a Masters of Art in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College, Newport, RI in 2013.

Her shore duty assignments include serving as Executive Officer, NAVSUP FLC Norfolk, VA; Electrical Devices and Nuclear Reactor Programs Division Chief, DLA Land and Maritime in Columbus, OH; Deputy Chief of Logistics Support and Services; US Southern Command in Miami, FL; Afloat Configuration and Force Stock Control Officer, Naval Surface Forces Atlantic, Norfolk, VA; Support and Facilities Department Head, Naval Telecommunications Station, Puerto Rico; and Naval Acquisition and Contracting Officer Intern, Defense Contract Management Agency Atlanta, GA.

Her operational tours include Supply Officer, USS BATAAN (LHD 5); Supply Officer, USS MITSCHER (DDG-57); and Disbursing Officer and Material Stores Officer, USS NASSAU (LHA-4).  She also served as an individual augmentee with Multi National Forces Iraq Contracting Officer in Mosul and Tikrit, Iraq.

Personal decorations include a Defense Meritorious Service Medal (one bronze oak leaf), Meritorious Service Medal (one gold star), Joint Service Commendation Medal (one gold star), Navy and Marine Commendation Medal (one gold star), Joint Service Achievement Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Navy Achievement Medals (two gold stars), and various service awards.  She is qualified Surface Warfare Supply Corps Officer and Naval Aviation Supply Corps Officer, also a member of the Navy Acquisition Professional community and a Joint Qualified Officer.


December Holiday President’s Message

December Holiday President’s Message

Dear Shipmates, Family, and Friends of NNOA,

Season’s Greetings! I wish you good health, great happiness, and much prosperity through the season and into 2022. As I reflect on the many successes of 2021 for our association, I feel nothing but pride for all that we have accomplished, and I have tremendous expectations for the year to come.

This year has been phenomenal for the National Naval Officers Association (NNOA) both as an organization and our members. Our membership has grown over the last three years. Our chapters are expanding, with new ones starting across our Sea Services and established ones thriving. Our members are being promoted, recognized, and taking positions of greater responsibility and importance. Our finances are excellent and will get even better as we establish the NNOA Foundation. Active and reserve members are working with Sea Services recruiting personnel to identify eligible candidates for Officer and NROTC programs. Our Career Development program provides mentors and open forums with senior leadership via Zoom to help officers navigate career challenges and milestones. Our veterans support recruiting efforts and have established an outstanding Transition Assistance Team program. Our reputation with leadership across the Sea Services is strong and getting stronger as the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Public Health Service, and the Maritime Administration (MARAD) have all drawn on NNOA for support in growing a more inclusive, diverse, equitable, and resilient Officer Corps. Many organizations and entities that support American Sea Power have asked NNOA to collaborate and work with them, increasing our association’s relevance and impact. I could list so much more of what NNOA has done in 2021, but I share these few to give you a sense of our outstanding accomplishments for the year.

As we begin 2022, there are even greater expectations for NNOA. We will celebrate our Golden Anniversary from July 25-29 as NNOA turns 50 years young! Our celebration will be at the place where it all began in Annapolis, Maryland, with an impressive line-up of speakers. More details will come in January. NNOA is deepening its relationship with our civilian Shipmates as Ms. Karen Davis, a Senior Executive Service (SES) in our Navy, has joined our leadership as a Liaison Advisor. Our Career Development Committee will continue to take full advantage of our virtual platform featuring more awesome speakers and mentoring opportunities. Ribbon-cutting ceremonies are being planned for several new NNOA chapters, undoubtedly enhancing our mission effectiveness.

In closing, as your President, I ask that each of you to do the following:

  • First and foremost, have a blessed holiday season, and please reflect on the many good things we are doing and what is happening with our NNOA Shipmates.
  • Second, share the good news of NNOA with your Shipmates, both members and non-members, and with friends and family. Finally, please continue to support our mission of Recruitment, Retention, and Career Development in support of American Sea Power.

Again, I wish you and yours a very happy holiday season!

take a moment and reflect on the blessings we already have. Dec 2021

take a moment and reflect on the blessings we already have. Dec 2021

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40

Tis the season to be jolly, and merry is here. We can become enthralled in the commercialism of the holiday season. So often defined by the expectation of expensive gift-giving and receiving. The hustle and bustle of exceeding our limits on items that we will only use once or twice. Worse, never used and thrown into a corner or regifted for next year. This time of year has a different meaning, depending on your faith background. One thing we can all agree on is helping those who need it most. The past two years of still plagued by COIVD have exhausted the resources of many. Some may be physical health, others financial resources, and for a few a combination of both.

The above scripture text is a portion of a more extended parable. In the parable, Jesus used the illustration of what matters the most. It is feeding the hungry, taking care of those who are sick, visiting those who are imprisoned, providing drink for the thirsty, and clothing for those who are naked. The “least of these” whose voice is often lost and ignored. Those who do not have the luxury of being enthralled with the commercialism of the holiday season. But are trying to figure out where their next meal or bed will be.

When we take a moment out of our time and aid the “least of these,” we are following the plan God has designed for us. The blessings given to us are for us to share with others, especially “the least of these.” As we celebrate our faith in our respected traditions, I pray that we take a moment and reflect on the blessings we already have, and we will either volunteer or share with someone in need. Remember the reason for the season.



Reverend Takana L. Jefferson, Chaplain, United States Navy