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In Memoriam

NNOA Remembers…All of those who have left us to carry on with the mission.  Those who dedicated their lives to service, selflessly striving to leave a mark that empowered, educated, and motivated all who they encountered.  We carry on, but we will never forget…

Captain Peter Tzomes, USN (Ret.) – 2019

C.A. “Pete” Tzomes, the first African American to command a nuclear-powered Navy submarine in 1983, has passed away, according to reports from the Centennial Seven,  a group of black commanding officers. Service DetailsRead Full Obituary"The History...

Rear Admiral William E. Powell, Jr. – 2019

UPDATE:On a clear crisp day in the grounds of the U.S. Naval Academy, RADM William Powell was laid to rest before his wife of over 60 years Loretta, sons William and David, and many other family and friends.  Fair Winds and Following Seas to a true...

RADM Mack C. Gaston, USN (Ret) – 2018

RADM (Ret) Mack C. Gaston, USN passed on 2 December 2018.  RADM (Ret) Gaston was a longtime NNOA member and a longtime member of the DCNNOA Chapter and Executive Board.  A true trailblazer, outstanding Naval Officer and leader and most importantly an...

A Tribute to LTJG Asante McCalla – NNOA Member

By LT Darnell “Gov” Harris (VP SDNNOA 2018-2019) LTJG Asante McCalla graduated from Parkview High School in Lilburn, Georgia and had strong ties to the community.  He went on to attend Morehouse college on a full military officer scholarship and graduated...

LtCol Eric M. Lindsay, USMCR(Ret) – 2018

LtCol Eric M. Lindsay, USMCR(Ret), passed away suddenly on 28 July 2018. A member and past president of the “Mighty” Quantico Chapter, Eric made great strides in diversity recruiting and mentoring junior officers, keeping with the mission of our great...

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