Annapolis Chapter

The Birthplace of NNOA


I have the honor of serving as the Chapter President for the Birthplace of NNOA.  I’m calling for a JOINT effort to breathe life into the Annapolis Chapter.  I hope our efforts will honor the legacy of those who preceded us, accomplish the mission before us, and establish a foundation for future Naval Officers.  Success looks like an established network of Naval Officers across ALL ranks working towards achieving, developing, and retaining a diverse officer corps.  Let’s get to work.

Semper Fidelis,

Captain Laith Shannon, USMC


Vice President

Captain Carlin Myrick, USMC (


LT Yvonne Armstrong, USN (


LT Wesley Saavedra, USN (

Membership Director

LtCol R.B. Green, USMC (Ret) (

Public Affairs Officer

LT Kenny Hyman, USN (Ret)(


LT E. J. Halton, USN (

Midshipmen Black Studies Club

Mission: To empower future leaders of the Navy and Marine Corps. The purpose of Midshipmen Black Studies Club is to educate the Brigade of Midshipmen in African-American history and culture, provide opportunities for Midshipmen to fellowship and serve with each other, and uplift African-American Midshipmen at USNA through mentorship.

Instagram: @usna_mbsc

Officer Representative:

Captain Laith Shannon, USMC (

President: MIDN 1/C Madeleine Cooke

Vice President: MIDN 1/C Raven Heath


Midshipmen Caribbean Heritage Club

Mission: USNA’s Caribbean-American students work to build an awareness of the diverse Caribbean heritage by sponsoring educational, cultural, and social events tailored towards engaging the Brigade in different aspects of Caribbean culture.

Instagram: @usna_mchc

Officer Representative:

LT Yvonne Armstrong (

President: MIDN 1/C Janelle Stewart

Vice President: MIDN 2/C Christopher St. Helen


USNA Gospel Choir


Instagram: @usnagospelchoir

Officer Representative:

LT Wesley Saavedra, USN (

President: MIDN 1/C Quinton Cooper

Vice President: MIDN 1/C Joshua McCarthy


National Society of Black Engineers

Mission: Increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community.

Instagram: @nsbeusna

Officer Representative:

LCDR Yasmin Odunukwe (

President: MIDN 1/C Kendall Louis

Vice President: MIDN 2/C Tiera Sterling


Naval Academy Minority Association

Mission: To Attract and Recruit minority future leaders for service in the Navy and Marine Corps.  Retain minority Midshipmen and help improve the  graduation rate.  Provide a career mentoring network.  Support community and education outreach.   Provide Philanthropy to support USNA initiatives.

Instagram: @usnama1


Vice President: