Dear Shipmates, Family, and Friends of NNOA,

Season’s Greetings! I wish you good health, great happiness, and much prosperity through the season and into 2022. As I reflect on the many successes of 2021 for our association, I feel nothing but pride for all that we have accomplished, and I have tremendous expectations for the year to come.

This year has been phenomenal for the National Naval Officers Association (NNOA) both as an organization and our members. Our membership has grown over the last three years. Our chapters are expanding, with new ones starting across our Sea Services and established ones thriving. Our members are being promoted, recognized, and taking positions of greater responsibility and importance. Our finances are excellent and will get even better as we establish the NNOA Foundation. Active and reserve members are working with Sea Services recruiting personnel to identify eligible candidates for Officer and NROTC programs. Our Career Development program provides mentors and open forums with senior leadership via Zoom to help officers navigate career challenges and milestones. Our veterans support recruiting efforts and have established an outstanding Transition Assistance Team program. Our reputation with leadership across the Sea Services is strong and getting stronger as the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Public Health Service, and the Maritime Administration (MARAD) have all drawn on NNOA for support in growing a more inclusive, diverse, equitable, and resilient Officer Corps. Many organizations and entities that support American Sea Power have asked NNOA to collaborate and work with them, increasing our association’s relevance and impact. I could list so much more of what NNOA has done in 2021, but I share these few to give you a sense of our outstanding accomplishments for the year.

As we begin 2022, there are even greater expectations for NNOA. We will celebrate our Golden Anniversary from July 25-29 as NNOA turns 50 years young! Our celebration will be at the place where it all began in Annapolis, Maryland, with an impressive line-up of speakers. More details will come in January. NNOA is deepening its relationship with our civilian Shipmates as Ms. Karen Davis, a Senior Executive Service (SES) in our Navy, has joined our leadership as a Liaison Advisor. Our Career Development Committee will continue to take full advantage of our virtual platform featuring more awesome speakers and mentoring opportunities. Ribbon-cutting ceremonies are being planned for several new NNOA chapters, undoubtedly enhancing our mission effectiveness.

In closing, as your President, I ask that each of you to do the following:

  • First and foremost, have a blessed holiday season, and please reflect on the many good things we are doing and what is happening with our NNOA Shipmates.
  • Second, share the good news of NNOA with your Shipmates, both members and non-members, and with friends and family. Finally, please continue to support our mission of Recruitment, Retention, and Career Development in support of American Sea Power.

Again, I wish you and yours a very happy holiday season!