​Over the last year, I authored a series of challenges called “I Dare You.”

The “I Dare You” series is a set of increasingly challenging, but easily attainable, Dares to prod my fellow neighbors (like You) to understand how You, she, he, and I can become more engaged in creating The Ideal Life that each of us can potentially live.

Dare #25 was titled “Clean Your Glasses – Congratulate.”

In that final Dare #25, I stated, “There are emotional, spiritual, professional, familial, local, international, natural and, yes… supernatural attachments that link you with me, us with them, and everybody, everywhere on some level of inter-connectedness. Our links can cause seemingly unrelated and remote actions in one part of our world to affect the lives of people in an area geographically distant… but supernaturally close. We are never that far apart.”

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