Congratulations to BGen (Sel) Anthony Henderson

Congratulations to BGen (Sel) Anthony Henderson on his upcoming command of 2d MEB.  May success follow your flag from all of us in NNOA.  Also wishing the very best to Col David Everly as he relinquishes command.  Well Done Sir.

If you would like to view the ceremony, go to Facebook Live Stream for II MEF or

v/r, Sinclair Harris President NNOA

Year of the Captains & Colonels: CAPT Ulysses S. Mullins, USCG

Year of the Captains & Colonels: CAPT Ulysses S. Mullins, USCG



You are a leader first, last, and always. That extends to your personal life probably more so than your professional life. How you live your personal life is going to largely influence your professional success. Being a leader does not always mean that you are in charge and need to make all decisions. Your career progression should be a perpetual learning process, evolution and honing of your leadership skills. I believe leadership is a continuum of leading, supporting, influencing, and followership that requires a fluctuating balance of discernment, patience, and decisiveness. There are occasions where your leadership will clearly be needed to ensure mission outcomes and effectiveness. On other occasions, you will be supporting your command or your superiors by carrying out their objectives. In these roles, you may not be the key decision maker, but may largely influence decisions. Take this role seriously because senior leaders are relying on you to provide decision support that is sound, well-reasoned and considers associated risks. Do not take it personal if your input is heard, but not taken, as there may be other factors, unknown to you, influencing the final decision. Following or followership simply put means there are occasions you allow your subordinates or counterparts to lead in a situation because they may be better versed, have more expertise or you simply may not have the bandwidth to be fully engaged in the matter at hand, so you have to trust them. However, you should maintain situational awareness to ensure things are headed to a favorable or successful outcome.


With each new assignment, quickly ascertain your sphere of influence by understanding your responsibilities, authorities and senior leadership’s objectives and goals. Ensure that your actions, decisions, and performance are aligned with senior leadership’s goals and objectives. Once you understand the boundaries of your influence you can work to expand the sphere. Expanding your sphere of influence will come as you establish your reputation through performance of duties, broadening your knowledge, and demonstrating competency and sustained credibility. Take advantage of opportunities to excel that are above your paygrade or assigned responsibilities. Definitely find out beforehand what is expected, so you are certain that you can execute.


Aim to make your bosses’ day easier, not harder. When presenting problems, provide well-rationed and defendable solutions. If it is within the scope of your authority, make the decision, but keep your supervisor informed. Every supervisor will not be the same, some may proffer a wide berth to allow you to execute and perform to the best of your ability and others depending upon their leadership style may proffer a narrow berth. Be humble in both situations and do your best to meet their expectations. If expectations are not clear seek additional guidance and/or clarity.

Leadership is a constant, while situations are fluid and require the right type of leadership at the right time to achieve the best outcome. Enjoy your career and the leadership journey!

YOLO with Wisdom – May 2021

YOLO with Wisdom – May 2021

YOLO with Wisdom

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do with your might; for there is no work or thought or knowledge or wisdom in Sheol, to which you are going.” Ecclesiastes 9:10 NRSV

When one thinks of YOLO or You Only Live Once, it is often in the context of doing something or an action that is dangerous or may end one’s life quickly. In the context of this scripture, I am not referring to living life haphazardly because that means one would not use wisdom. What I am referring to is living your life with purpose, enjoyment, and wisdom. For it is in the balance of life that we become our true selves.  The writer reminds us in verse ten, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do with your might; for there is no work or thought or knowledge or wisdom in Sheol to which you are going.”

The writer is not referring to finding something to do to keep busy but suggests whatever one can do—one should pursue. Whether that is starting your business, you always wanted to try, go back to school, earn the next level degree, or retire and travel the world. Whatever it is that you have set in your heart and mind to achieve, then as the Nike commercial says, “Just DO IT!” What are you waiting on because life is short and fleeting? Once we are in Sheol, known as the grave, there are no second chances, there are no do-overs, but while we have breath in our bodies, clothed in our right minds, and have the activity of our limbs, it is time to YOLO with wisdom.

It is time to find the purpose in the thing or idea that we always wanted to try but were too afraid. I have learned in this pandemic if I had not learned before that tomorrow is not promised nor the next second, and the air we breathe we have taken for granted. We do not know what will happen to us. So, the time that God has given us, we should use it wisely. Take this moment as a time of self-reflection and to see what changes “I can make to live a life of purpose with wisdom.” How can I make each moment on this earth matter in its brevity with the skills that God has so graciously given me?  Finally, in the wisdom that we learn to live our lives to its fullest potential that is pleasing to God and in community with others.  I end here as I say go in peace, purpose, and YOLO with wisdom.


Reverend Takana L. Jefferson, Chaplain, United States Navy

Millington Chapter Mentorship Meeting

Millington Chapter Mentorship Meeting

The Millington Chapter of NNOA is having a Mentorship Meeting led by NPC’s own, CDR Moran! She and a few other superstars will highlight opportunities available to bolster your record and excel in your respective community. Please be ready to ask questions!! We look forward to seeing you there and please, bring a friend! Meeting info is below:
Topic: NNOA Millington Chapter/Mentorship Meeting
Time: May 11, 2021 09:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)
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