August 2017

Dear NNOA Members,

Our position of Executive Vice President (EVP) is vacant on the Board of Directors. We need a volunteer. Following is the position description.

The Executive Vice President shall act as the President‘s representative on all matters referred to him or her. At the request of the President, shall preside over meetings of the General Assembly, the Board of Directors, Committees, and shall perform such other duties as are incident to the office. The EVP shall advise the President on matters of policy and procedures concerning the Association and its Chapters. The EVP shall assume the duties of thePresident in the event of absence, death, inability to serve or resignation.

Interested members, please send resume/bio to


Please complete the symposium survey sent via separate link (time extended). To date we had 238 registered attendees and we would like 100% participation in the survey.

Lastly, if you lost a cell phone at the Symposium, please e-mail with description of the phone to claim it.

Yours in Service,

Denise J. McCallaCreary, CDR, USN, RET