April 2017

Dear NNOA Members,

Rear Admiral Robert Lee Toney, United States Navy, Retired, one of our NNOA visionaries passed away on November 4, 2016 in Oakland, California.

You are invited to attend his burial service on April 20, 2017 at 1pm, Arlington National Cemetery.

Following the service, there will be a repass at the Sheraton Pentagon City, 900 South Orme Street, Arlington, VA. 22204, Telephone 703 521-1900.

For more information, please contact daughter, Kelly Toney at KToney05@gmail.com or telephone 415 694-8939 (PDT).

Rear Admiral Toney had a distinguished naval career of 34 years which included assignments as Deputy Commander, Naval Surface Forces US Pacific Fleet, Commander, Logistics Group One and Maritime Defense Command and Commander Naval Base San Francisco.

His military service began in 1957.  He was responsible for bringing many minorities into officer programs, and was proud that a list of 27 recommendations including one to put Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps units at two predominantly black colleges was approved by then, Chief of Naval Operations and now deceased Admiral Elmo Zumwalt.

RADM Toney was an active member of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter up until his death.  He is survived by two daughters Kimberly and Kelly Toney and son Robert Northmore Toney.

Tune in on Sunday, April 16, 2017 from 1300 to 2000 (EST),  I Heart Media Network, WHEN-AM/WSYR-FM HD2 to our own BoD Historian, PhD, Captain, USN, Retired, Roosevelt “Rick” Wright show “Old Skool Sunday”.  Captain Wright will be dedicating his entire show to the life of Rear Admiral Robert Lee Toney.  He will interview Admiral Toney’s sister Virginia Walker.  Mark your calendar, set your dial and don’t miss it!

Your BoD in service,

Denise J. McCallaCreary, CDR, USN, RET