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2018 NNOA Symposium: From a JO Perspective

LT Nathaniel Davis, Assistant Vice President

The 2018 NNOA Symposium, held at the beautiful Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Portsmouth, was a fantastic experience! I’ve been a member of NNOA since my commissioning in 2014, beginning with the chapter in Okinawa, Japan. I’d always heard great things about the symposiums from other members, who raved about the event, so it became a mission of sorts to attend. I’d never been able to attend due to work and family obligations, so when the opportunity arose, I quickly jumped at the chance. My command leaders were familiar with the organization (some even current members) and supported my request to attend.

Admittedly, I didn’t know what to expect. The stories I heard were of course the experiences of others, and I hadn’t reached out to my friends and colleagues to inquire if they were coming. A part of me wanted to limit my exposure so as to take in my own experience and have a “fresh mind” of the events to follow. Upon my arrival, there was a positive buzz within the hotel’s lobby. I saw uniforms that I hadn’t initially recognized but I was greeted by smiling faces and warm spirits. I almost immediately ran into some friends from the Camp Lejeune Chapter, which I served as President the past year. It was a pleasant surprise. From there, I met some Marine Officers who also had never attended and we bonded over burgers at the hotel’s restaurant area. So far so good! The scheduled social later that evening was an extension of the hotel lobby. We moved in droves and packed a nearby restaurant/sports bar. There were sea service officers from every corner of the globe. I looked on as long-serving and since-retired officers shook hands and hugged, delighting in a life not soon forgotten. There were sea stories abound and the rupture of laughter echoed throughout. I met a group of Coast Guard Academy students who were chopping at the bit to graduate and fulfill their obligation. I recall wondering, Where else would I meet and discuss career aspirations with Coast Guard Officers? The real question is more so, Why haven’t I met and discussed career aspirations with Coast Guard Officers? The scene was astounding. Goodwill was the monarch of this house and all those who entered, some unacquainted, would soon depart as friends.

The meeting sessions over the next two days were lobster and steak dinner of knowledge. We were treated to panel discussions on leadership that was both thought provoking and engaging. As a JO, I often wonder the “what” vs the “how”. What obstacles did my senior leaders push through? What improbable scenarios? What failures? I’ve attended MANY leadership events but I never fully felt right in understanding the failures that would bring success. The panel members, a mix of active duty personnel from every sea service and high–ranking civilians and as diverse as the organization’s emblem, spoke to the truths of their failures to success. No topic too strong. Every question, and there were plenty, answered with varying perspectives.

Still, my biggest takeaway from the symposium occurred after the day’s events. A few of the JOs decided to go out to dinner nearby and I swear we needed 3-4 servers because of how many of us came out. Navy, Marine and Coast Guard Officers sitting at a table and discussing the things that only we as JOs can understand. Real talk, no fluff and no filter. We were there for a professional symposium but there was also a clear need for a JOPA meeting. And, for me, that’s what the symposium represented. There is an old adage that a group of CAPTs/COLs become JOs again when in a social setting. It makes perfect sense. The youth of our careers (and lives) affords us a chance to view at a level we’ll never see again. Our challenges are different. Our focus is immediate and our gaze more narrow. We must check in on one another and this symposium afforded us that opportunity. We entered acquainted and departed as friends.

President Message Nov 2018

Sinclair M Harris

Rear Admiral United States Navy (Retired)

President, National Naval Officers Association (NNOA)

Honored Shipmates of NNOA,

A wise diplomat told me that there were three things you can never say enough – Congratulations, Thank You and I’m Sorry. This certainly fits for my first entry in the MERIDIAN.

Congratulations to the entire NNOA family of shipmates – active duty, reserve, retired, military families and civilians. Our organization continues to grow in numbers and impact in support of our mission. I have to give a special Bravo Zulu to the United States Coast Guard for its strong support and full engagement with NNOA. If NNOA can achieve and nurture a similar relationship with the other Sea Services, MARAD, NOAA and PHS there is no end to what can be achieved to improve diversity and inclusion. Please think about how we can make this happen at every chapter and organization.

Thank you to the members of the board for NNOA. The professionalism, passion and drive that I have seen from all the leaders both national and chapter level has been truly inspiring. I know each has many obligations and demands on their time, but our leadership team continue to drive hard to advance NNOA’s impact. I could not be prouder to serve as your president.

I am sorry that we don’t have a way to capture all the wonderful advancements, promotions, achievements and good news that is happening with our members. I hope that each of you that dabble in social media, will help by sharing your stories with us in FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Let us use the power of social media to set a more positive tone in our nation and enlighten many of the opportunities for service that are available in our Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Public Health Service (PHS), Maritime Administration (MARAD) and National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

As you meet in your chapters and with other like-minded professionals, I ask you to keep our shared vision and lines of effort in mind. Consider how your activities and conversations can enhance the NNOA’s ability to become a premier mentoring and professional development organization. Let me, the board and your chapter leadership know your thoughts on each of the lines of effort listed below:
1. Chapter Empowerment – NNOA working as one entity with strong and vibrant chapters meeting the needs of our members where they live and work.
2. Membership Growth – Each member of NNOA reaching out to their friends, colleagues, and shipmates to enhance their careers in the Sea Services, PHS, MARAD and NOAA.
3. Symposium 2019 – Leveraging a great symposium in 2018 and responding to our members’ demands to make it even better as we return to San Diego, August 7th & 8th, 2019.
4. Implementation of the Strategic Review – Prioritize, develop a roadmap, and adopt key recommendations from the Strategic Review. CAPT (Retired) Tom Abernethy, the DC Chapter President, is at the helm of implementing the Strategic Review.

Please keep in touch and let us know your thoughts about this edition of the MERIDIAN and how we can take NNOA to the next level. FULL SPEED AHEAD NNOA!

Very respectfully,

SM Harris
RADM Sinclair M Harris, USN (Ret’d)
President, National Naval Officers Association (NNOA)

Washington DC Chapter Annual Veterans Day Visit to the Washington DC Veterans Hospital

Washington DC Chapter Annual Veterans Day Visit to the Washington DC Veterans Hospital

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On Monday November 12, 2018 the Washington DC Chapter of the National Naval Officers Association (DCNNOA) conducted its Annual Veterans Day Visit to the Washington DC Veterans Hospital.  The Chapter was also joined by members from Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)  Post 9619 in Morningside, Maryland.  This year like in years past we had another fantastic visit greeting the many veteran patients and staff members and passing out winter gloves, scarfs, socks and knit caps to all visited.  Thanks to the generosity of our members and our many supporters we were able to pass out approximately $1,500.00 in clothing to well over 200 veterans.  The Chapter was also honored to have a number of senior officials join us in our effort.  This year we were honored to have NNOA National President RADM (Ret) Sinclair Harris, USN, Retired Navy Rear Admiral and former President Obama Administration Official Mr.Earl Gay, Retired Navy Captain and current SES Ms. Cynthia Miller and Retired Navy Captain and current SES member Mr. Al Curry.  We were also pleased to have the niece of CAPT (Ret) Anthony Swain, USN, Ms. Miya Allen a High School 10th grade student join our effort.

We must also give praise to our coordinator with the VA Hospital this year Ms. Jordan Harrington.  Jordan is a student intern from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia and she was nothing less than “Outstanding” in coordinating our activities with the hospital and making all of us feel at home.  In closing, DCNNOA Chapter President CAPT (Ret) Thomas Abernethy, USN thanked the Chapter members and supporters in attendance for their exceptional patriotism and unselfish support for our veterans on this most sacred day!

Attached are a few photographs from our visit for your viewing pleasure!  “Happy Veterans Day” to all our veterans and “Thank You for Your Service” to this nation!

God Bless and Take Care,

CAPT (Ret) Jerome D. Davis, SC, USN
Washington, DC Chapter of the National Naval Officers Association

TO ALL COAST GUARD NNOA MEMBERS: The Mentoring Project Team information.

The Mentoring Project Core Team would like to open up Round Two of The Mentoring Project 2018/19!

Please submit your dream sheet by TUESDAY NOVEMBER 13TH if you are still interested in participating in the 2018/19 Mentoring Project year. This will be your last chance to submit a Dream Sheet for this year.

In the Mentor Data Base we’ve marked all assigned/unavailable mentors with “YES.” All assigned/ unavailable Mentor/Mentees with YES/YES if they are assigned/unavailable as both. These two categories of assigned mentors will NOT be available in round two they are highlighted in GREY.

Mentor/Mentees assigned with YES-1 are still available to be assigned as a mentor. They were assigned as a mentee but are still available for mentoring. All mentors in GREEN are available for assignment.

1. The link in the form is broken please use the following link to access the data base (Excel Workbook Name: 2018_2018_Bios_Round_Two) https://cg.portal.uscg.mil/communities/Mentoring/Mentor%20Bios/Forms/AllItems.aspx

2. Password: mentoringrocks

3. Open as read only

4. Hit OK for circular reference

5. Do not save workbook

We look forward to receiving your Dream Sheet submissions!

– The Mentoring Project Core Team

CDR Shameen Anthanio-Williams
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For questions, please contact CDR Shameen Anthanio-Williams:  Shameen.Anthanio-wil@navy.mil

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