Dear NNOA Shipmates,

Supporting the recruitment of a more diverse officer corps continues to be one of the three primary missions of the National Naval Officers Association (NNOA). Along with improving retention and supporting career development, NNOA is focused on providing support across the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, MARAD, NOAA, and USPHS in meeting their goals for a more inclusive and diverse force. Recently, the Chief of Navy Recruiting, RDML Dennis Velez reached out to NNOA requesting we help his recruiting commands in a near-term effort to attract more young men and women into commissioning programs. I ask that each of you redouble your efforts in advocating for our Sea Services with the young people you mentor and support. You may be serving as judges in Science Fair Competitions, mentoring students in STEM, or providing counsel about opportunities after high school. In whatever way you desire, please consider actively having the conversation with young people getting ready for college and their influencers (e.g., parents, teachers, etc.,).

Please reach out to guidance counselors at local schools in your area to see how best you can serve. You may also consider serving on our Recruiting and Accessions Committee. We are happy to host virtual mentoring sessions with your help. The primary contact is LCDR Koa Thomas, USN, at Several of our members are currently serving at Navy Recruiting Command. They are standing by to provide support.

Additionally, Navy Recruiting Command can provide informational material for parents, influencers, etc, and their diversity team is willing and able to travel anytime. Please reach out to CDR Howard Bryant at or CDR DJ Jackson at to request information or schedule Navy Recruiting support!

Now is a great time for NNOA to make an impact in support of our youth and our Sea Services.
Very respectfully,

RADM SM Harris, USN(Ret)

President, NNOA