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BEYA – 2019 Stars & Stripes

Each year, the BEYA STEM Conference brings professionals and students together for three days to share their experiences and career information. You can network with attendees from around the country while participating in seminars and workshops that explore every facet of STEM career paths.

November 2018

NNOA welcomes the following new members to the organization:  


  • LTJG Mitchel Herrador – Regular – Tidewater
  • 2ndLt Demarco Forch – Regular – Quantico
  • LT Claudia Garcesrios – Regular – San Diego
  • ENS Blair Ogujiofor – Regular – Tidewater
  • LCDR Mitchel Deshotel – Regular – San Diego

Making a PCS move from overseas? Your Social Security number and other personal data might be at risk

    November 20

The government needs to scrub Social Security numbers, passport data and other personally identifiable information of service members and others making international moves before selling data to third parties and putting individuals at risk of identity theft and other problems, according to a coalition of groups representing the interests of those who make international moves.  (Read More…)

NNOA Member Accomplishments

We are proud to announce NNOA member accomplishments.

Please congratulate the following NNOA Members on their well-deserved selection to the Rank of Lieutenant Colonel, United States Marine Corps.

Chapter:  Quantico

  • Maj NaTasha Everly – Life Member
  • Maj Edward Holton – Annual Member
  • Maj Veronica Kaltrider – Life Member

 Chapter: 29 Palms

  • Maj Wynndee Young – Life Member

At-Large Member

  • Maj Shanelle Porter – Life Member

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On Behalf of the NNOA Members