Message to NNOA President & Members:

“With over 25 years of service, the best advice I have been given was from a retired Master Chief from the Vietnam War era who happened to be an advisor at my NROTC Unit; “Everything in life is either a lesson or a blessing.”  Whether professionally or personally, approach every endeavor with that in mind so that you have the right perspective when facing a challenge head on.  Furthermore, in the words of Edgar Albert Guest from his famous poem, “See It Through,” it is important to always remember that when challenges come, “Running from it will not save you, See it through!”  In doing so, cultivate and leverage the connections made through trusted peers and mentors to help enhance your technical competence and revalidate the uncompromising character our Navy and our nation demand of you.  Finally, hold fast to your sources of inspiration that come from your family and your chosen spiritual path.  This form of mental wellness will keep you in fighting trim.  Cherishing all of these elements of my life have made all the difference.”