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Born in Tun Tavern, in Philadelphia, on 10 November 1775, two battalions of Marines were formed to be the soldiers of the sea, needed to protect what would become the United States of America.

For the next 247 years, the United States Marine Corps would distinguish itself as the foremost global fighting force, earning battle streamers from Montezuma to Tripoli to Belleau Wood and Iwo Jima, and from the Frozen Chosin to Hue City to Fallujah to Helmand Province and many other far off distant lands.

Whether Marines are striking fear in enemies worldwide or leading and aiding in humanitarian relief operations, Marines, with their warrior ethos, always stand ready to meet the nation’s security challenges head-on.

Marines— Leathernecks—Jarheads—Devil Dogs—Soldiers of the Sea, the National Naval Officers Association wishes our United States Marine Corps a Happy 247th Birthday.