Coronado, CA (July 31) – The National Naval Officers Association is hosting its 5th Annual Youth STEM Day onboard NAS North Island on Monday, 31 July 2023 from 8am-2pm. Join students, parents, teachers, administrators, and STEM professionals as they experience a dynamic day of STEM demonstrations and exhibits. In addition to wide ranging, hands-on STEM activities and emerging technologies, students will have “next level” access to maritime platforms, civil and military aircraft, and flight operations. The venue for this broad spectrum of activity will be the HSC-85 Hangar and its adjacent flight line.

The guest speaker for the event will be the Ms. Steffanie Easter, Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Cobham Advanced Electronics Solutions (CAES). An experienced STEM professional and former Director of the Navy Staff, she will inspire the attendees with her problem-solving perspective and insights on new platforms and technologies.

Department of the Navy (DON) will host 16 STEM booths highlighting various naval labs, commands and warfare centers. There will be a host of other industry, academia, community and Flag and General Officers participating. While most of the event exhibitors will come from the greater San Diego, southern California area, there are participating entries from all across the country. We are very excited about the broad range of STEM areas of study and career options being highlighted during Youth STEM Day 2023. Our overall goal is to Engage, Inspire, and Mentor our 750+ guests…and illuminate potential pathways to achieving their dreams. STEM opportunities like this inspire curiosity and shape a generation of talent prepared for future global challenges. Strong STEM efforts are critical to America’s future, and are a matter of national security.

This year, we welcome Purdue University who will highlight a unique STEM activity on microelectronics/semiconductors to increase awareness of the importance of an industry that literally affects every aspect of daily life. Purdue University is at the forefront of educating the next generation of workforce leaders in semiconductors and microelectronics, offering a suite of innovative credentials and degrees that will reassert American preeminence in this critical industry. Curiosity, interest and excitement about Semiconductor technology has to start at an early stage.

Members of the media are welcome and encouraged to attend and participate in the STEM Day activities.