On Sunday, 01 AUG, NNOA provided a 10’x20’ booth at the 2021 Sea Air Space Conference STEM EXPO, Gaylord Hotel, National Harbor, MD.

The event greatly exceeded expectations with 2,700 people registered for the event. The NNOA team provided nearly 200 interactive demos with Hololens 2, Oculus Quest 2 and Smart devices to showcase Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality capabilities (AR/VR/MR). The theme was solution development for enhanced situational awareness using augmented reality for shipboard aircraft towing and aviation ground mishap avoidance. This is a high priority issue for Navy and Marine Corps. The full scope of the STEM program includes software programming lessons, operational familiarizations, design thinking, AR/VR simulation development, and mobile applications development.  Lucky prize winners took home an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset and Merge cubes for AR. Participating partners included NAVAIR PMA260, AVATAR Partners, Zenith Challenge Program and Starfish Studios. Sponsor support for NNOA STEM programs was provided by Northrup Grumman. Event photos: https://www.snapfish.com/share?via=link&token=FKT-ZsMp_gz4ycNa-GxcjQ/AUS/27952122939070/SNAPFISH