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On Thursday, December 13, 2018, the Washington, DC Chapter of the National Naval Officers Association (DCNNOA) held its Annual Christmas Social with the Army ROCKS, Inc. at the Patton Hall Officers Club at Joint Base Myer – Henderson Hall in Arlington, Virginia.  This year’s social was hosted by DCNNOA and like in previous years featured good food, lively conversation and a DJ that rocked the house.  Members, friends and family members of DCNNOA and the ROCKS had a great time.  CAPT (Ret) Thomas Abernathy, USN President of DCNNOA and COL (Ret) Shelia R. Howell-Flowers, USA  President of the Washington, DC Chapter of the ROCKS addressed those in attendance and wished everyone a “Joyous, Safe  and Happy Holiday Season!”

In addition, this year’s social was attended by NNOA National President RADM (Ret) Sinclair Harris, USN as well as a number of retired United States Army General Officers that are longtime members of the ROCKS.  We were also pleased to have in attendance a number of our partners and colleagues from the Navy League of the United States Headquarters Office.