July 2017

Dear Members, Friends, and Supporters of NNOA,

I take the helm of this organization in its 44th year with enthusiasm, commitment and great passion. Many of you have that same energy and drive to propel our organization, and ultimately, our Sea Services forward. With that, I charge us all to commit to strengthening our resolve and putting our collective shoulders to the wheel to see the mission done.

Over the next several years, we must focus on providing our junior officers the best training and mentorship to achieve their full potential as our Nation’s future leaders. We must also continue to reach out to the youth in our respective communities to expose them to the vast opportunities within the Sea Services. Ever cognizant of the need to deepen our organizational roots, we must nurture our relationships with our retired community and continue to tap their wealth of experience and sage counsel. We must build upon our recently renewed ties with the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration integrating them into the very fabric of our organization. This will be critically important as we expand the reach and impact of NNOA. Finally, we must maintain our charitable spirit as an organization and as individual members and give back to our communities at every turn.

NNOA, we have gained great momentum over the last several years. But, our work is not done. We must move even further upward and onward! I look forward to serving you over the next two years and I am counting on your support!

Yours in Service,


Denise J. McCallaCreary
Commander, United States Navy, Retired