NNOA Celebrates Black History Month

Meet the Unstoppable Mr. Smalls

A hero of the Civil War and a fierce opponent of Jim Crow laws, Robert Smalls, S.C. M.C., was born in Beaufort, South Carolina, in 1839. (Library of Congress)   READ FULL STORY

In February, We Honor the Contributions of African-Americans to our Proud Naval History


By John R. Desselle, Naval History and Heritage Command, Communication and Outreach Division

February is BLACK HISTORY MONTH, a time to commemorate the history and heritage of African Americans and for us, their accomplishments in the U.S. Navy. Here are a few notable figures from naval history.  Read More…

Born a slave, this Navy petty officer founded a community of ‘race pioneers’ to stand against bigotry

B. Gordon Wheeler, Wild West 

Although a small, dusty town where residents constantly battled heat and drought may seem an unlikely setting for a heroic effort at colony building and racial self-determination, this community of “race pioneers,” with its commitment to limiting the parameters of prejudice, served as a beacon of hope to African-Americans in the Golden State and across the nation.  Read More…

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