2017 NNOA Professional Development and Training Symposium

NNOA: Developing Leaders Through Education, Experience and Personal Development



You can make donations to cover registration fees, lodging, travel or any dollar amount you prefer.  We are also taking donations for our Junior Officer Networking event, so please donate professional books, coaching services and/or financial counseling services via the DONATE button as well. 

The NNOA each year host an informative, career-focused symposium, which makes a positive impact on our junior officers, cadets, and midshipmen.  We would like for officers interested in attending to have the opportunity to participate and engage with other officers from the sea services.

You can assist in providing this opportunity by donating to the NNOA Symposium Sponsorship Program.  Click the DONATE button below.  This donation is tax deductible.

Thank you for donating so a deserving officer gets an opportunity to attend the NNOA 2017 Symposium or can take advantage of your professional services.


Officers wishing to attend this year’s Symposium have stated:

 “I am at a point in my career where I could use some positive mentorship.  In reviewing what the symposium is going to cover, I feel that it will be a great experience for me as I look to plan as well as how I can best serve the Navy.”

“I hope to meet other JO’s to network with and learn about their various careers.  In conclusion, I want to attend the NNOA Symposium to better myself as an officer and bring back what I learn to my community.”

“I have returned from deployment and wish to take an active role in the Naval Officer’s community.  This conference will help me chart the course to being a contributor to the NNOA efforts and remain up-to-date with the issues facing our community.”

“In the past the annual NNOA symposium was too great of a distance for my Command to support, because of lack of funds in our departmental budget.  Although this would be my first NNOA symposium, I believe now more than ever before my attendance would serve a great benefit.”

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