Public Relations Officer

Lieutenant Commander Vickie L. Owens, USN (Ret)

CEO and founder of Star Forward Solutions and a motivational speaker, Vickie is a leader, a motivator, a counselor, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and a friend.

A retired US Naval Lieutenant Commander and corporate executive, Vickie has over 20 years of successful executive leadership and management experience. Acknowledge throughout her career as a strong leader and successful team builder with a reputation to inspire and motivate organizations’ members in achieving goals and organizations’ success.

She has traveled and worked around the world throughout her career gaining priceless knowledge and experience of people and cultures. Her business and technical knowledge combined with her leadership management experience have led her to be a resourceful problem solver and team builder with an ability to bring quick resolution to challenging situations and events. Her past corporate experiences have included Marketing Executive with IBM and Informix Software, Project Management, QA Manager, and Product Development with Oracle Corporation, Hewlett Packard, PeopleSoft Inc., and Sun Microsystems, and Marketing and Web management with Netscape Corporation. 

Vickie approaches all her challenges and new adventures with a sense of excitement and determination for success. Her passion and desire to help others succeed, achieve their goals, and reach their maximum potential has been  acknowledged throughout her career by her community, peers, and professional organizations. This passion to help others has brought her to the profession of Benefit Consultant and Financial Advisor, specializing in senior retirement planning. As a Benefit Consultant and Financial Advisor, she has assisted her clients plan for retirement in financial planning, healthcare (Medicare), final expenses, and other benefits needed for retirement. Vickie has successfully helped all her clients in reaching their retirement goals and continues to educate and advise her clients on best practices to
protect themselves, families and businesses.

This passion has also launched Vickie into the art of public speaking. She leverages her leadership experience as a Naval Officer with her passion to help others while creating an environment of desire and empowerment that inspires and motivates her audiences. Her goal: to help, teach and engage, young and old, toward achieving their goals and reaching
their greatest potential. 

An engaging and dynamic individual, Vickie awaits to meet you!
Career Highlights/Specialties:
• Business Development
• Public Relations
• Financial Planning
• Inspirational and Motivational Speaking
• Content Development and Writing
• Strategic Marketing