Vice Admiral Peter V. Neffenger (Ret.) Vice Commandant, U. S. Coast Guard


Vice Admiral Peter V. Neffenger, Vice Commandant of the U. S. Coast Guard

The Value of Mentoring: Your greatest contribution to your service will be those you have inspired and positively influenced.

When I think of engaging across all levels of the service, I think of the power of effective mentoring. Why is mentoring a critical element of engaging? Although mentors can fill any number of roles, they all have one thing in common – mentors help you achieve your potential and discover your greatest strengths. 

There are different kinds of mentoring relationships. Some will be narrowly focused to guide you through a specific event, while others may broaden over time. Regardless, mentoring is not accidental. It is deliberate. 

Effective mentoring happens at every level in an organization. Whether you are in search of a mentor or actively engaged in mentoring, effective mentoring is more than a check in the box. It is a two-way relationship and a learning experience for both individuals.  

Think about why you serve and how you engage with those who follow you. Your greatest contribution to your service will be those you’ve inspired and positively influenced along the way. Engaging means taking action. Find a mentor. Be a mentor.