General Robert B. Neller, United States Marine Forces Command

General Chapman often told a story about traveling through an air terminal and spotting a Marine Corporal (in uniform) inspection ready.  When the General spoke to the Corporal he asked why the Corporal was so squared away and his fellow travelers were disheveled and sloppy? The young Marine simply stated “The Marines don’t do that.”  As Sea Service Leaders, the ethos should be the same:

-Leaders eat last.

-Consider Command a privilege to serve.4621986662_470x314

-If you don’t know the answer, find someone that does.

-When in doubt, seek solutions that are Easy, Smart, and Cheap.

-If you are in charge, emulate the leaders you admire; be THIS, not that!

-Be mindful that solutions are often easy to figure out, but hard to execute.

-Above all, take care of each other.

Semper Fidelis,
General Robert B. Neller
Commander, United States Marine Forces Command