Welcome to the Chaplain’s Corner

August 2020

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

 When Paul wrote this text to the church of Galatia, it was during a time of Christian persecution and societal frustrations of waiting for Jesus to return while being slaughtered daily because of their faith. Paul, while imprisoned, is trying to encourage those of the Christian faith not to give up. Doubt and frustration can begin to overwhelm us when we always take the high road, and it seems it is not working. When everyone around us seems to prosper through ill-gotten gains, and we are suffering or being punished for maintaining a level of character and integrity.  Paul reminds them not to compromise who they are and continue to do what is right, even if no one else will. If they stay on the right path, they will see a harvest of their faithfulness. He tells them there is a rainbow on the other side of the storm.

For us, 2020 has been an exhausting year; a year of devastating loss from Kobe Bryant, Amhad Aubrey, Brenna Taylor, George Floyd, Rev. CT Vivian, and Representative John R. Lewis. COVID-19 and systemic racism are still challenging us. All of which can make one question their faith and purpose on this earth. If we are not careful, we can become consumed by all the negativity around us and allow a sense of hopelessness to set in. We may begin to wonder if what we are doing is even worth it, as it seems there is so much negativity around us. The answer is an unequivocal YES. Such as our ancestors, who gave their lives for us to have the opportunities we have, they looked beyond themselves to the future. We are the future generations who have reaped the seeds of those who did not give up. We must do the same for our future generations. We cannot grow weary in well-doing but continue to work to create an authentic culture, nation, and world of not only diversity but inclusivity where equity is exhibited with equality. 


Reverend Takana L. Jefferson, Chaplain, United States Navy