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NOTE:  Your participation in this 3rd party survey is voluntary and is not affiliated with NNOA.  This survey is provided only to gather useful information in regards to transitioning from military to civilian status.  Results are provided via link to the 3rd party provider and NNOA does not retain or has any responsibility for managing results.


From the desk of your President…

Dear NNOA Retirees,
I discovered this survey on LinkedIn and made contact with Brian Niswander. I thought it would be helpful to Brian’s group and to the veterans who will benefit from this survey to get our participation. I hope you will take 10 minutes out of your busy schedule to participate. I also share with you a thank you from Brian.

Yours in Service,
CDR Denise J. McCallaCreary, USN, RET

Click to Read Thank You Note from Brian Niswander

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A Thank You Note from Brian Niswander  …..

Thanks for the email…great to hear the survey has been posted on the NNOA site!

What’s most interesting about the survey is that it’s being conducted by a group of independent veterans based upon their own experiences after working with veterans over the past decade.  All the information collected is being shared, free of charge, with the community and they’re not being supported financially by any external organizations.  Having exchanged emails with Brian (founder and architect of the survey), I can tell you they’re passionate about helping others and making a difference.  There’s nothing like the transition survey and interactive database anywhere else and the value is that service member, not to mention their families, are getting the honest assessment from those who’ve gone before them.  That’s why I think it’s so important that we support this effort….it’s really about the veteran community coming together to help those still serving and sharing our experiences, both good and bad, so future generations of veterans can avoid making the same mistakes.  It also empowers service members to model those  who’ve been successful in their transition.  Not only does Brian share the information gathered via an interactive dashboard, but he’s also writing a report that outlines observations and shares insights gathered to date.  He’s doing this in his part-time and receiving nothing for doing this beyond knowing that it’s making a difference in the lives of service members.

Bottom line: we’ve been truly blessed and feel this is our calling to help service members.  We’re doing this in our spare time and at our own expense….no one has given us money and we’re asking veterans and VSOs to help get the word out….no requests for money, just asking to help make others aware and encourage them to invest 10 minutes of their time to help those who’re still serving.

Let me know if you need more and thanks again for your support!



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