Welcome to the Veterans Corner

NNOA Retired community,

Special thanks to RADM Sinclair Harris, USN (Ret), CAPT Mike Francis, USN (Ret), CDR Joe McMahon USN, (Ret), CDR Herlena Washington, USN (Ret) LCDR Tommy Johnson USN (Ret), and LCDR Bea Henderson USN (Ret) for their assistance with the 1st NNOA Retiree Session during the national conference.

As the 2016-2017 Board of Directors assume the helm, know that we are hard at work planning the NNOA National event calendar. If you are interested in presenting and/or volunteering in the 2017 retiree session please contact CDR Katrina Pringle.


CDR Katrina Pringle, USN (Ret.)

CDR Will Watson, President of the National Naval Officers Association speaks with STEM participants on the importance of STEM in today’s sea service prior to a drone presentation by NSU staff. 

RDML Stephen Evans, Commander, Naval Service Training Command, prepares to discuss STEM career options in the sea services. 

Thank you to the Norfolk State University (NSU) School of Engineering Department, Naval Service Training Command, Navy Recruiting District, and the Hampton Roads Home School Network for making the 1st Annual NNOA STEM Youth Day a success. 

Sea Service Careers in STEM Presenters Wanted

It’s that time again! We are looking for workshop presenters for our NNOA STEM Youth Day, which will be held in San Diego, CA in July of 2017. This half-day event gives 8th–12th graders the opportunity to learn about exciting careers from professional women. The highlight of each workshop is a hands-on activity that show students how much fun a science, technology, engineering or math career can be! If you are interested please email CDR Katrina Pringle to be a part of this truly impactful day.

STEM Mission and Vision

The National Naval Officers Association (NNOA) is pleased to announce the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Outreach initiative to promote awareness of these specialties within the sea services to students, educators, and the public.

In an era of decreased college enrollment in STEM related programs and an increasing global demand for a STEM competent workforce, it is NNOA’s belief that a strategically executed community outreach plan that includes ongoing mentorship, scholarship assistance, and tailored activities will generate and sustain interest in STEM curriculum and sea service careers.

Mission– The STEM Outreach Initiative was created by the National Naval Officers Association in 2015 to unify the voice of the organization in its community engagement efforts and its promotion of sea service careers by providing collaborative opportunities for invested organizations.

Vision-To leverage the collective expertise of the NNOA active duty, retired, and reserve membership along with STEM focused organizations to raise awareness and increase the applicant pool of eligible STEM and sea service candidates.

It is our hope than events like the STEM Outreach Day during the NNOA National Conference will stimulate conversation, facilitate mentorship opportunities, and serve as a gateway to increase naval scholarship submissions, and career planning that includes military service.

STEM Update

In assessing the needs of the sea services and the country at large, I have focused my efforts on the replacement workforce challenges facing our country. As you well know, huge gaps are occurring in several career fields as baby boomers continue to transition out of the workforce, especially in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math (STEAM) related areas.  NNOA is working to identify established organizations willing to partner with NNOA to address this growing need.

If you are actively involved in a STEM and/or STEAM project on behalf of NNOA or a potential partner organization, please forward that organization’s information to your local chapter president for consolidation by the regional vice presidents.

Want your organization or event added to the NNOA website? Contact CDR Katrina Pringle at retired-rep@nnoa.org

US Naval Academy STEM Camp

National Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA)

Women of Color STEM Conference

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

Best Buy Foundation

Siemens Discovery Education

Black Girls Code:

The National Museum of Natural History at http://naturalhistory.si.edu/VT3/

A personal tour through the solar system by three of today’s leading astrophysicists. http://www.solarsystemscope.com

Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institute of Oceanography, San Diego http://aquarium.ucsd.edu/Plan_a_Visit/virtual_tour/

Constitution Day at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA with Judge Majorie O.Rendell

Defined STEM

National Black Data Processing Associated (BDPA):

What is “Cloud” & “Virtualization” Technology? webinar presented by Roy Hodge on Thursday, September 22 at 7:00 PM (EST). This webinar is free for BDPA members and non-BDPA members, so don’t forget to share this upcoming webinar with your co-workers and professional network.

To join the webinar, go to https://www.uberconference.com/office63 or call 202-794-6655 No PIN needed. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about cloud and virtualization technology!

Education Week
Weekly webinars from the Committee for Children.