The Mentoring Project Core Team would like to open up Round Two of The Mentoring Project 2018/19!

Please submit your dream sheet by TUESDAY NOVEMBER 13TH if you are still interested in participating in the 2018/19 Mentoring Project year. This will be your last chance to submit a Dream Sheet for this year.

In the Mentor Data Base we’ve marked all assigned/unavailable mentors with “YES.” All assigned/ unavailable Mentor/Mentees with YES/YES if they are assigned/unavailable as both. These two categories of assigned mentors will NOT be available in round two they are highlighted in GREY.

Mentor/Mentees assigned with YES-1 are still available to be assigned as a mentor. They were assigned as a mentee but are still available for mentoring. All mentors in GREEN are available for assignment.

1. The link in the form is broken please use the following link to access the data base (Excel Workbook Name: 2018_2018_Bios_Round_Two)

2. Password: mentoringrocks

3. Open as read only

4. Hit OK for circular reference

5. Do not save workbook

We look forward to receiving your Dream Sheet submissions!

– The Mentoring Project Core Team

CDR Shameen Anthanio-Williams
Office of Deputy Asst Sec of the Navy for Ships
1000 Navy Pentagon, Room 4C712
Washington DC 20350-1000

For questions, please contact CDR Shameen Anthanio-Williams:

(703) 614-8809 wk
(202) 841-7126 cell