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pic-hillMichael L. Hill, Chief Executive Officer, JKJ Holdings, Inc

Mike Hill is a registered professional engineer with over 39 years’ experience. He has extensive executive level experience in sustainable life cycle design, asset management, environmental compliance, program management, construction management, and facilities operations and maintenance. Mr. Hill is a skilled leader who has successfully applied the principles of continuous improvement, best business practices, and teamwork to meet the needs of customers, shareholders, and employees. Mr. Hill has held a variety of progressively responsible hands-on leadership positions, providing sound management experience. His major accomplishments in the area asset management and facilities management are listed below:

Served as Senior Executive for both U.S. Army and U. S. Forces installation in the Southeast United States to design and construct over $100 million in LEED Silver new construction projects.

As Project Team Lead, Mr. Hill coordinated and managed the proper validation of the Real Property Inventory for over 60 Air Force bases throughout the United States.  Work included document research, recording and certifying facility assets, grants, leases, easements, environmental restrictions, financial management, housing inventory, land records. The work led to full development of facility maintenance and repairs programs for Air Force installations.

Mr. Hill served as senior Asset Manager for the Water and Wastewater distribution system for Fulton County, GA. As senior project manager, He supervised several projects including the $8.4 million Fulton County Water and Wastewater Distribution System Inventory and Survey contract. He also served as client officer/liaison for DeKalb County and Fulton County. Mr. Hill developed business relationships and proposed on over $15 million dollars’ worth of work within 14 months.

His primary responsibilities included complete operations of all engineering, program management, construction management, and infrastructure support work performed by Thacker-Gibbs, Inc. Mr. Hill coordinated the work efforts of a 100-person core staff supported by 23 partnerships of Fortune 1,000 Engineering firms with access to over 9,000 engineers. Annual revenues of Thacker-Gibbs were in excess of $11 million with a growth rate of nearly 15 percent. Thacker-Gibbs provided key services to the City of Atlanta for the remediation of its Water and Wastewater system, a $3.0 billion, 20-year project.

Mr. Hill served as the Luster National, Inc. regional manager to create business development opportunities in the Atlanta market. As the on-site corporate representative for Luster National on the Hartsfield Construction Management team, He provided construction oversight of the $1 billion Fifth Runway project at Hartsfield Airport. Mr. Hill served as primary liaison with state and local officials to provide professional engineering expertise and technical support for all professional services projects in the southeastern United States.

While serving as director of engineering for the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, Mr. Hill provided planning, design, architectural, and engineering services, as well as technical support for the Atlanta-based bus and rail system and operating facilities. He was responsible for the overall annual capital improvements program, which was in excess of $100 million and was instrumental in the development of the over $4 billion asset management master plan. His office established design criteria and guide specifications, review of design submittals, and oversaw design services during construction. Both the Sandy Springs and North Springs rail stations, a project totaling over $400 million, were designed and constructed under Mr. Hill’s supervision. He was the primary point of contact for energy conservation and innovation and played a key role in obtaining federal and state grants.

Mr. Hill was hand-picked by a senior military board, to serve as the Facilities Officer for outsourcing support to work on the Chief of Naval Operations’ executive staff establishing policy and oversight of outsourcing and privatization initiatives for the entire U.S. Navy.  He contributed in total cost savings of $3 billion over a five-year program. An expert for Base Operating Support operations, Mr. Hill acted as advocate and resource sponsor to obtain funding appropriations from the United States Congress, which resulted in a $156-million funded program. He served as liaison between private industry and the Navy for facility support functions to be studied, totaling more than 80,000 positions.

While serving as Senior Health Facilities Engineer for the Defense Medical Facilities Office, Mr. Hill was responsible for proper scope and costs during planning and budget execution of a $1.4 billion, 5-year construction program for all medical facilities within the U.S. Department of Defense. He established design standards and criteria for military building construction in accordance with the National Building Codes and Standards. Mr. Hill was the primary point of contact for major private architectural firms and served as host for architectural presentations. He conducted over 50 technical design reviews for medical projects, resulting in over $20 million in cost savings. Congressional funding was obtained as a direct result of Mr. Hill’s personal annual engineering certification submitted to Congress.

Mr. Hill served as facilities director and public works officer. He led and managed a 185-person department of diverse men and women with an annual budget of $20 million for planning, facility services, construction, and contract administration supporting 6,500 employees on an 800-acre base. Mr. Hill acted as an independent contracting officer awarding more than 120 contracts annually, totaling over $15 million. He was the technical advisor for environmental compliance and Superfund remedial investigations. He ensured that facilities operations met all local, state, and federal hazardous waste and environmental regulations. His efforts resulted in zero violations and the program received commendatory ratings from state Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials. He completed over $10 million in environmental remediation projects. He established spill response teams and reduced hazardous waste stream by 75 percent via proper initial classification of hazardous waste. Mr. Hill guided his workforce during an agency downsizing, yet by establishing an emphasis on customer service, was cited as a “model department” with a 30 percent improvement in productivity and a customer satisfaction rating of 95 percent. Through his innovative approach and employee involvement, morale reached an all-time high within his department.

As head of the Construction Contracting Office in Alameda, California, he directed a 21-person construction office, which administered over 300 contracts totaling more than $200 million. Contract change-order rates were held below 4 percent. Mr. Hill served as senior representative on a Disputes Resolution Board to resolve contractor claims prior to legal proceedings, resulting in millions of dollars saved.  He awarded emergency repair contracts in the aftermath of the 1989 San Francisco earthquake, where his heroic rebuilding efforts resulted in restoration of NAS Alameda base operations in record time.

As Assistant Public Works Officer/Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Hill supervised day-to-day operations and administration a 400-person organization which provided facilities maintenance, long-range planning, and engineering design with an annual budget of over $75 million. He served as Chief Engineer with a staff of international professional engineers and held final signature authority for designs. Mr. Hill assisted in the negotiations of a significant country-to-country agreement for the Northern Defense System of NATO, as part of a $1.0 billion annual budget where he supported a portion of the Star Wars construction project. His actions contributed to the efficient base support for joint Navy and Air Force operations in a politically sensitive environment.

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