Welcome to the Chaplain’s Corner

April 2018

Greetings Family,

Welcome to the month of April! Did you know that your local NNOA Chapter is in full swing with our annual membership drive? We encourage all members to invite others to meetings, local events and training opportunities. NNOA is an organization built on relationships of integrity and trust. I re-member hearing about NNOA in 2006 while stationed in Okinawa Japan. The chapter was very active and they held mentoring or training opportunities regularly. I remember being in a training session one even, which Lieutenant General Ronald Bailey was the guest speaker. I was a Lieutenant at the time, but I still remember his passion and commitment to excellence. Most importantly, I remember him staying after the meeting was over to answer questions and speak one on one with junior officers. That made me feel like a valuable part of the Sea Service community. The fact that the highest ranking officer on the island was spending his evening with a group of junior officers, pouring into us and shaping our lives. After that meeting I became a life member of NNOA.

It is good to remember what brought you into this organization and why you continue to stay. How is your commitment level? Are you working in the vineyard of NNOA? Investing your time talents by sharing your story with others.
We use to sing a song growing up in Church. It is a song charging us to re-member the waters and fire of our baptism.

Take me back
Take me back dear lord
To the place where I first received you
Take me back
Take me back dear lord where I
First believed

I invite you to think back to your introduction to NNOA. Remember the good work our organization continues to do around the globe and remain involved. God Speed!

Rev. Kimberly Cain, NNOA Chaplain

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