NNOA Bay Area Chapter holds Speed Mentoring Event

USCG Pacific Area Cmdr, VADM Charles Ray, Eleventh District Cmdr, RADM Joseph Servidio, and Deputy Pacific Area Cmdr, RDML Meredith Austin attend!


On November 18, 2015 the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the National Naval Officers Association hosted a “Speed Mentoring” session at the Point Welcome Room, Coast Guard Island Alameda. The chapter’s membership coordinator, LCDR Dustin Williams, USCG organized the event arranging the participation of VADM Charles Ray, Pacific Area Commander; RADM Joseph Servidio, Eleventh District Commander; RDML Meredith Austin, Deputy Commander Pacific Area; and, twelve other senior officers who provided career guidance to 48 junior officers stationed in the Bay Area!


As the facilitator, LCDR Williams setup 15 separate mentoring stations with a senior officer at each station, and 15 groups of four junior officers. After brief introductions and instruction, the mentoring session began with all groups starting simultaneously. Groups met at 10 minute intervals before rotating to the next mentoring station. To break the ice, lead questions were developed and read at the start of each group rotation.

At end of the meeting, junior officers were provided opportunities to ask questions concerning their individual careers as well as the opportunity to listen to the methods used by senior officers to guide their own careers. Attendees also took the opportunity to establish a network with senior officers, and share their experiences with other junior officers.

Captain Don Flowers shared “this was an exceptional event that culminated with the active participation of three flag officers which made it quite significant. Not only was the speed mentoring portion a success, but the Admirals opened themselves up to be mentors in the future for our participants.

From a professional development and retention standpoint, this event will surely play a significant role for these junior officers for years to come. In January, we will follow with a session on Career Planning; and in February, we will discuss Career Mapping.”

These types of events are critical for all Chapters.  Speed Mentoring is a key means toward exposing our junior officers to leaders they might otherwise never have the chance to learn from. It is a professional experience that will stick with them for years to come and hopefully, provide them some insight to make them better leaders and bolster operational readiness.

Chapter President, Captain Don Flowers and the Bay Area team are committed to reaching junior officers and community youth to make a difference! Keep charging Bay Area!


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