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Employment at NASA

A large portion of our hires are made through the NASA Pathways Program.  This is an internship opportunity open to current students enrolled in qualifying educational programs.  Applications are accepted for this program through USAJOBS twice a year, usually in October and February.  For these positions, we are interested in hiring individuals pursuing both STEM and non-STEM degrees.

For individuals who have already completed their degree, we offer full-time positions on a regular basis.  These positions also target both STEM and non-STEM disciplines and are primarily open at the early or mid-career levels.

For most of these hiring opportunities, veterans receive preference eligibility in the competitive selection process.  Moreover, under Veterans Recruitment Appointments (VRA) authority, NASA may directly appoint qualified covered veterans to certain positions without competition.  To avoid missing out on these opportunities, I recommend that any interested individual create an account on USAJOBS (https://www.usajobs.gov/) and build a “Saved Search” to ensure he/she receives an email when an opportunity opens that matches selected criteria (e.g. discipline, NASA location, or GS level).

Another hiring option available that may interest you is the Schedule A Hiring Authority.  NASA promotes the use of this authority which enables us to hire individuals with a variety of disabilities: physical, psychiatric and intellectual.

Please contact us if you are looking for the opportunity to join a prestigious Agency which provides its employees the chance to explore the extraordinary, every day. Anyone interested in talking about working at NASA or with questions, can contact Martin Hayes, Chair of Black Employees Strategy Team (BEST) at martin.b.hayes@nasa.gov or Andrea Meyer, Pathways Program Manager and Recruitment Lead at andrea.l.meyer@nasa.gov.