Welcome to the Chaplain’s Corner

September 2018

Greetings NNOA! May the blessings of love and peace be upon us.

“Behold I am doing a new thing.” Isaiah 43:19

We had an exciting and very educational 2018 NNOA Symposium with blessed fellowship of all. This year’s symposium brought about new change as elections for the board of directors was upon us. Congratulations to all who assumed the newly elected roles of carrying the torch and continue to build upon a solid foundation by those who preceded us.

With all new beginnings in life, be it the NNOA, our careers and/or personal life, there is always a level of uncertainty and apprehension. We often wonder if we can live up to, meet or exceed the expectations of others or those who came before us. However, we must know that our season is our season. What God will do and going to do in this season is a new thing, not neglecting the past but continuing to build and make our future stronger for generations to come. We must embrace and receive the “new thing” being done in our lives and walk in the fullness, knowing that our faith and strengthen from within will carry us through.

I look forward to serving as your NNOA Chaplain for the next two years.


Reverend Takana L. Jefferson, Chaplain, United States Navy