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Maj Quentin Vaughn

Welcome to the OkinawaChapter of the NNOA.


Okinawa Chapter National Naval Officer Association, Greetings!

I want to congratulate all NNOA members and supporters who are achieving great things within and outside of the organization. Their dedication is invaluable and we appreciate their efforts and contributions. I would also like to congratulate Vice Admiral Michelle J. Howard on her unprecedented nominations to the rank of four star Admiral and Vice Chief of Naval Operations.

As we continue our course this year I look forward to working with each of you to fulfill our mission, revitalizing the chapter and positioning it for new levels of success. During this quarter, I eagerly anticipate interacting and socializing together during the upcoming fundraisers, quarterly church visit and monthly chapter meetings.

During the upcoming months the executive committee is pleased to provide education on leadership, finances, professional development, and the Pacific Area of Responsibility. This training is intended to cultivate and promote professional growth for each member. We are uniquely positioned in the Far East as a Blue-Green team committed to excellence and to sharpen each other so that we can be ready to fight tonight and win.

I encourage you to read the most recent message from our NNOA National President. Our chapter’s success has no limit because of the many diverse qualities we each possess. Together we can continue to uplift and challenge each other to make 2014 a year of personal and professional growth.

Very respectfully,

Major Quentin Vaughn
President Okinawa Chapter NNOA


PSC 482 Box 2626
FPO, AP 96362

President Maj Quentin Vaughn
Vice PresidentLCDR Edith Glanton
SecretaryLT Shellita Green
TreasurerLT Andrea Baker
PAO/ WebmasterCWO Derrick Scott
Membership Chair – LCDR Emeka Ofobike
HistorianLTJG Shantel Davis
PME Coordinator
Scholarship ChairMaj Eric LadsonLT Mohenish Singh
Master-at-ArmsCWO Derrick Oliver
ChaplainCAPT Herbert Griffin
Far East Region VPCDR Jessica Beard



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Chapter Newsletters



MISSION: To enhance Sea Service operational readiness by providing professional development, mentoring and recruiting in an effort to achieve a diverse officer corps that reflects the demographics of the Nation.


GOAL 1: Communication
Execute a strategic communication plan to disseminate timely and accurate information.

GOAL 2: Membership
Attract individuals, partners and organizations in support of the mission.

GOAL 3: Organizational Efficiency
Continuously assess and evaluate structure, processes and effectiveness.

GOAL 4: Financial Stability
Sustain adequate funding to maintain organizational viability.

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