2017 Board of Director Nominees


LCDR Beulah Henderson, USN (Ret.)

The office of Treasurer is an important position within our association. I am running for Treasurer because I see it as an opportunity to enhance the role and effectiveness of the office, while ensuring the financial stability of the National Naval Officers Association, Inc. Helping others and working with non-profit organizations trying to make positive changes is my passion and the overall reason behind my desire to run for Treasurer. , ,With 20 years of experience as a finance professional, I have the strong financial background and practical know-how to serve as a successful Treasurer. Additionally, having previously served in this position successfully, I have the proven experience needed.

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ENS Jonathon Hollis, USN

I am qualified for this job because I know how to budget and handle money. In fact, I am a financial representative for Transamerica so I can use the knowledge gained from the organization to make our budget work. I have “0” debt and a credit score of 749. If given the opportunity to be your representative, I will try and use the budget in a wise manner in which we will save money and still have lots left.


Commander Patrick Evans, USN

I seek the position of Public Relations Officer (PRO) to give back, as well as help create a strategic communication plan for NNOA that builds mutually beneficial relationships between the organization and its key stakeholders. I’m a lifetime member who wants to build on successes as PAO at New England and Tidewater chapters. I plan to use my international Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) to implement a two-way communication process that delivers clear, concise messages to and responds to feedback from members, chapters, media and leaders in the Sea Services.

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LCDR Stacey O’Neal

Stacy is a fresh new voice and face to NNOA a gifted and talented Officer and one of the first female Instructors at the Department Head School in Road Island. She brings a diverse background of Professional Naval Career Development for SWOs as the Command Qualification Coordinator and the PXO and PCO instructor. Her breath and knowledge of the SWO directorate makes her a prime candidate for this position. She brings a wealth of expertise, competence and diversity as a leader in the SWO community. I believe that she could contribute volumes to the board and the entire organizational structure both now and in our very bright future.




CDR Inez Victorian,  USN

I am seeking reelection for the position of Reserve Representative to help the military thrive. Some of the contributions that I have made to NNOA include mentoring, advancing a pipeline for the next generation of sea service personnel, academic scholarship funding, membership stimulation and development of external partnerships. A proposed program regarding the Reserve Representative Position that I am interested in is for reservists to create and sustain a formal collaboration with an external organization which would significantly advance achievement of NNOA’s strategic goals.
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CDR Michael Rutherford,  USN

I have over 27 years in the reserves as an enlisted and officer in the reserve force. I am a recent Air War College graduate and believe I have the experience and training to make an excellent Reserve representative for NNOA.  I am currently serving as the operations officer for Office Naval Intelligence 1992. As an intelligence officer, I serve in a community in a community that represents a large percentage of the Naval reserve force.  I am a graduate of The Ohio State University earning a degree in international degree. I also have masters degrees from the Air Universiry (MS strategic studies), Kansas State University (MS Education) and University of Massachusetts Amherst (MBA). In my civilian job, I am program director for the US department of agriculture, RD.

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